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Ally Mustin Jul 2017
I loved you,
And I meant it.
You said it,
And you didn't.
How was your heart so cold
Yet you made me feel so warm.
I didn't even care about you first,
You said I was "attached"
But you are just vain,
We played this game all night
In creature of swallows night.
You made me feel beautiful and full of life,
But then there were times you made me cry.
I just wanted to be friends,
But you ruined that too,
Now we don't speak,
And I didn't even cry.
And I want you to know now
If you ever want to come back or if you start dying
I would not care,
You would feel as I did.
You mean nothing to me now.
When you saw me
With those blue eyes,
My sadness crept.
How can you see
Through your own lies,
Where others wept?

Stop! I won't think;
Not of our past,
Not our present.
I will not sink,
Not now, I'll last
And be pleasant.

You broke my heart,
I broke your hand;
It's a fair trade.
You tear me apart;
I hide in sand,
Waiting to fade.

— The End —