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shogunzoe Feb 2015
Fortune favors those forged from failure.
Raised forth from rejection, the worthy wield real wealth: Wisdom.
Truths told and taught through trial.
A knowledge known no other way.
Jamie King Dec 2014
The spark of passion ignites the heart, until it is engulfed in a conflagration of notions, as curiosity triumphs over caution.

The seed of wisdom, planted in fields of knowledge, is cultivated and refined in kingdoms of intellect to innovate speeches of freedom.

Blisters in sweaty palms, rubbing against the pen, as it drifts between the paths of future and past, where hope is met and joy is felt.

Consumed by epiphanies, the heart-beat is felt by trembling hands, squeezing the pen for inspiration, to bewilder imaginations, giving birth to new perceptions.
You take your time and put your heart into your work. This is for true poets (creativity challange)
Jamie King Sep 2014
Your mind is an abyss sated with emptiness,spore of an ink-jet,
the heart is erupting with repugnant, repulsiveness.
Your conscience ravage by your impulsive act.
Your strategy is tragedy you indulge in savagery shackled by misery creativity is a mystery .

Diverged from honest lives perjuring in art you dark-prowlers.
Converged with parasites marauding, Proud-Writers.

Cursed with uncertainty you're embracing lies, in the realm of thieves there's a decaying crown.
We write from our hearts these words reflect our lives through poetry we are defined So stop stealing poems!! And Be original

— The End —