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K Balachandran Oct 2018
Eyes close in stupor,
Her keen eyes catch the caper;
Swing from love to sleep!
why Flora
in acanthocephalan
there'd grabble
backfield in
motion again
but to
get worm
its relief  
when probiotic
does savor
a vowel
to scrabble
and hemidemisemiquaver
a righteous
joint scalar
intermingle also
with mullah
A hippodrome as smoke adjourn
those can wrap Havanas blunt
while Manila fish for sordino
they reek of harvest yet exhume Moro
then San Mateo shall not a maraschino bane
whether they've sought bastion in Italy then
once their hopes shall keep ships ahoy
and Sabatini sing San Marino here
that sandcastle star await his lover in
"The Sea Hawk" a fine costume whence sail
those Antilles with a conquistador as buttress
in this play they call Those Philippines alas meet
El Duarte in a duet with his song set aflame with
great sleeves in such kleptocracy worldwide again.
She diligent
and indigenous
here palladium
sought rally
call nigh
defiant shore
and untested
water with  
her only
real rationale
foreseen with
motive and
her intransigent
caper that
her heart
beholden belligerent
with peace.
A day for peace
Writing is an Art
so many people say
Selection of the words
arranged in such a way.

These words are there for all
not just for the select few
and we all have a choice
to arrange them as we do.

It's not a thing to rush
but don't take to much time,
to start just write them down
before they leave your mind.

Then we can take some time
now they are down on paper
To edit as we wish
which can also be a caper.

So many words we chose
as we move our words our way
but we find to smooth it out
that we're throwing most away.

We want our characters
to have unique temperaments.
so that when the story is read out
the audience cements.

If we can't get that bond
with our writing it may taper
but we can play around at will
as long as it's put down on paper.
30th August 2014

— The End —