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J Michael Apr 2019
Out of the formless void
Shining forth like an asteroid
The shooting star
A wish upon my heart

Edges of a dream
Overlap upon the seams
Staining the world in light
Through the windows of my eyes

I see you
Deeper parts of deeper truth
You see me
Leaning into this gravity

Sifted to find the finer gems
You, most precious among them
And I, stumbled upon
This - The Loveliest One
J Michael Apr 2019
She winked at me...
Through the northern breeze,
Carrying the oil
For the painting I'd breathe.

Climbing the boughs,
I gently waved.
Over stately lines,
Above their leafy train.

My bedded Sun,
Lay behind hill's crest.
Wayward moon pining,
Empathizing with mine.

Before the stars came running,
A counsel to the lonely bodies.
I left that artful canopy.
Smiling, I think,

"She thought of me."
J Michael Apr 2019
Silver-stained clouds
Edges over a waning afternoon
Lost in thoughts, a secure shroud
To sift emotion's swoon

Sighs dripping in confusion
It was a flash of a dream
A mystic, unseen illusion
Yet, more real than everything I see

Clinging to my faith
In the evidence
I am unable to explain
Sanity sparing no expense

I still hear its ring
The soft hum within
Resonating harmonies
From souls of melodic beauty
J Michael Apr 2019
Makes the crawl
Long before the body
The light haze that lifted
Is now a dense, heavy fog

Gently I
Swim down the hall
In awe,
How still the morning,
And still more
Submerged in slumber

Sleep cradles
But soon, a release
Into the thousand pound mist
And crawl
They will crawl
Searching for the day
With her open arms
J Michael Apr 2019
“Paul’s dilemma”
A headline of my life
Hidden passions of doing
The things I ought not
While the things I should
Exacerbate a shyness of action
I drain the precious resource
Like a religion I’ve committed
Lord knows my vices
And time as always
A fox beneath the vine
J Michael Apr 2019
Pessimistic trails,
A mosaic of failure on our backs.
Somehow the chaos formed a pattern,
Thinly veiled by time.

Point between,
Raging forward - endless.
Even so we are hidden inside this gift.
Show us the wonder of it,
Every moment passing
Negating into,

For then,
Unacquainted strangers will
Tie together those soul-fed strands.
Unknown intimacy, love beyond love, shall
Remain a dream for us
J Michael Apr 2019
It’s the depth of things that get me,
How minute the surface is,
yet we bathe in it.
Seldom they glance below,
But I remember being there,
Living each day beneath the choppy foam.
Finding peace from within,
Underneath every breath.

This season,
Aches my heart in pangs.
More than I am able to ignore them,
They ebb and grow like a heart beat.
The elegant rhythm,
Pulling me back.
To the place where I found myself,
where I see you,
And feel you see me.

It’s not the loneliness anymore,
It’s that piece of my soul I miss.
It’s the wonder of transparent minds,
Blending into a tapestry of angelic strokes.
Only we can see, touch, and feel.
The depths are calling from the silence,
As a traveler in the noise,
I long to go,


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