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Nilotpal Dutta Jul 2015
my clothes are not torn out,
so what?
i can still write a poem
hunger isn't killing me,
so what the k?
i will still write a poem.
i ain't clouded by poverty,
and there's no hole in the ceiling
to see the stars on a clear sky.
so fu
g what?
i will still write a poem.
i am 'poles apart' a condition
like the  Pink Floyd's  "Division Bell".
but i am still writing my poem.
i don't read them to people,
friends, strangers or everybody.
anybody? but nobody might read them,
and I still write the poem.
Duke Thompson Mar 2015
All flash
No substance

Wake up
Cold sweat
'That dream again honey?'
Pillowtalk spectre
Rolls over
Duke Thompson Nov 2014
someone yells 'dilettante' accusingly
i wake up in cold sweat
screaming  'now see here im no phony!'
to imaginary rat creeping
now through my door

— The End —