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Simra Sadaf Jul 2018
toes buried in the sand,
warming to the glory of sunset,
cool breeze of the ocean,
echoes of the evening softness,
reminding you of her touch
that mystified your heart,
her beautiful eyes as such
made you want to seek her soul out,
the miracle of resurrection had dawned on you when
her gaze met with yours,
a burning desire to keep staring
to find out why you
could not stop staring,
you returned to a place
where she had left her footprints,
your home, your heart,
your soul, this beach,
and you placed your feet
where she had left its mark,
igniting the old spark,
rekindling and bringing back
memories from its millenary sleep.
Why* do they appear so mystified?
As if every little thing must be justified
Moved to fit inside their small box
And look away when their key couldn't unlock
What they aimed to achieve
Does it ever make you giggle
When people call you fickle
But they're the ones whose eyes are fixed
On an object not quite literally applicable,
Something regarded as abstract, typically unseen
You see: I am a metaphor
And people stare at me.

© Melissa Carlson 2015
Gita Aug 2015
This nebulous life is like a puzzle dissipated,
When you can't comprehend what's real, fake, clear, or faded.
Clueless, mystified, seeking inspiration,
Meaningless alliteration,
Inadequate concentration,
Diligence and dedication,
What I need is a vacation.
Rex Allen McCoy Jan 2015
Tears transform a tranquill room
a sleepless night
over speechless sounds
to misty-eye your sight

My eyes could shut and call this dream
slip back
through slumber's door
Though curious whys deflate serene
I search within your eyes
a light
mear spark
disperse of haze
My touch careses salted cheek
my thoughts
within your maze
A sudden hug
you cling to me
my heart surrounds you tight
You turn away
but snuggle close
You smile
and say
Goodnight ...

— The End —