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Quixotic Jan 2019
Brandishing a scalpel
I chisel free my heart
Lift it thumping to my lips
Taste the first brawny bite
My own lifeblood drips down my chin
as I smirk in victory.
In matters of the heart,
one must consume or be consumed.
Ryan Hoysan Oct 2016
I always try to choose my words carefully
Each syllable like an incision with a scalpel
Well intentioned and good mannered
In hopes of removing the ticking time bombs placed inside you and me by those that have left us behind
But one wrong slip
One accidental miscalculation
Obliterates the progress that I have so carefully tried to create.
Could one word have changed it all?
Could one different syllable be the reason that you are still here?
I wanted to give this piece a title, but I couldn't decide on one that I was satisfied with. If anyone has a suggestion I'd be glad to hear it.
Randi G Dec 2014
i want to unscrew my skull
and take my brain out
find the place everyone
keeps calling my heart
and pick it apart.
i want to take a scalpel and
scrape out your words

Randi G Dec 2014
i want you to rip off my skin
and lay waste to my sin
pick of my insecurities
peel back my sorrows
peek inside my secrets
and maybe then
i’ll let you in


— The End —