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Asominate Jun 2019
I can
Take care of myself,
I would help to take care
Of everyone, too.

You tell me to take care of myself,
But, wouldn't it help
If you
Looked out for me,
The difference in our levels of self-awareness makes it difficult for me to interact with humans.
Poetic T Oct 2017
I was the light house gauging the trouble
crashing on the green seas beneath my
window. Rough seas, vocal waves of
perpetual ship wrecks..

I would gaze upon the shoreline
of my view, looking for any trouble
that could wash ashore. Momentary
riptides of hormonal adolescence gained.

What could take a life, a single moment of
not watching the shore. So I shone my  
gaze upon another's abandoned hopes,
leading them from the rocks of anguish..

That day I was the lighthouse of reality,
when below waves were gathering.
I was a light in moments of disarray,
But on that day no one washed ashore.
When I was younger in youth, there were bad apples, I don't think they meant to be, but on one day one apple had something that could end a life with just a pull of a finger.. so I warned the other.. I think I saved a mistake that day as he never took the challenge and the other was never so stupid to bring that out again...
Äŧül Oct 2017
Your cuteness is my beauty,
Your prosperity is my lookout.

Your smile is my compatibility,
Your affection is my pout.

Your job is my duty,
Your happiness is my Karma.

Your satisfaction is my responsibility,
Your health is my Dharma.
Because you call me Sharma!
Ha ha ha!
You will love it when you read it.

Karma: Duty.
Dharma: Religion.

My HP Poem #1668
©Atul Kaushal
Delta Swingline Mar 2017
I have never been employed or earned any money for the work I do. And yet I still have a job to do.

For I am the door keeper, a guard, a lookout... a friend.

My job is simple yet complicated, for I have many jobs rolled into one.

I stand by the door and wait for people to approach me. Some talk to me, most people don't. Don't you know that I do my work for you? I don't get paid for my work, but I still think it's worth it to keep working.

I am the door keeper.

I stand by the weak, injured, and the broken with the strength I still have. When the people who I help finally regain their strength, they walk away from me, not even leaving a "thank you".

I am the guard.

When danger arrives at someone else's doorstep, I am there to see that they are not harmed, I will warn the of danger and guide them out of harms way.

I am the lookout.

Whenever you need me I will be there, I'll hold your hand and help in any way I can. I will always be here.

I am your friend.

I have always been here, but people don't see me anymore. I have become a ghost. I wonder what it takes to become alive again. But I can't just leave, whether or not people see me. I need to keep working. My job doesn't cost money, it costs lives.

A treasure more valuable than money.

I can't stop working.

I am the door keeper watching for their smiling faces. I am the lookout for their lives, and the guard of their hearts. But most importantly a friend.

A friend they might never see, but I'm still here.

I can't leave just yet. Because I still have a job to do.
I will continue to stand guard by the open door of my life.
Adolph Hamilton Aug 2015
The pines sway gently in the afternoon sea breeze ,
Their limbs stretch upward toward the bright blue sky,
They feel safe under my watchful eye
From the many hours in fire twrs

— The End —