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Sean Hunt Jul 2020
Footless and unfree
We all found ourselves
singing out of tune
in a vacuum

Both blasphemed and blessed
but delighted by the quietness
we reached the end of plentiness
a place of neither fullness nor emptiness

drizzles down to the ground
sprinkles all around
manic energetic eagles and doves
sweating droplets from above

The seasons were green
if it were wintry
we’d have climbed trees

Rats running from the race
carving out personal space
to be alone on their own
in ‘no go’ zones

Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
I wonder where it lurks,
in the rivers
flowing through the liver,
in the ****, in the heart
in the darkness of a mind
mercurial movements
from the corner of my eye
stalking and seeking
but never seeing
flickering things
passing by

Or is it a long alarm
warning of harm
coming my way
or tomorrow
an angel trumpeting
the coming
of danger

friend or foe?
                                                    by Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
They say there is a secret
known by very few
is it known by you
have they tried to sell it to you
on the internet
steps of this pyramid
they say
will take you to
a private pinnacle
shared by very few
freakishly fortunate
and especially special
chosen to be chosen
by the chosen ones
who were lucky enough
to be chosen
by other chosen ones
in a corporate coven
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
All along the precipice
we stand
unable to hold hands

as the night air
becomes rarified

almost oxygen-free
the way we see

The red sunset
will not surrender yet
as she shouts, out loud
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
In Ambleside we see
the remains of a Roman fort
Though much has changed
from those times
We wonder what they saw
what kind of lives they lived
through the ticking down of breaths
from birth through ageing sickness and death

They were far from home
far from Rome
on the shore of Windermere
and we wonder
what in thunder
they were doing here
so far from home
on the shore of Windermere

There was no silver
there was no gold
but they came
and grew a little older
and then came more
boat after boat
but why
we do not know

They built a fort
from stone and wood
fit in as many
men as they could
clerks and cooks
We wonder
what they came here for
We wonder what they took
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
It’s Saturday
they say
this means we need
to behave
some way
that acknowledges
and respects
the day
unlike Mondays

Liberated slaves
free to spend
in all the stores
then bend the rules
and act wild
like a liberated child

Divert, distract
paint the town black
‘tis the day
to take care of business
be cool
and make it through
to Sunday’s forgiveness
Sean Hunt Jun 2020
It’s a virtual world
the one that we now
think we know
once removed reality

We see through
a series of screens
from hand-held cells
to HD screens
and every thing
in between
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