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Sean Hunt Oct 11
Imitation flames pretending to be real
We see with a mind that feels

Though there seems to be fire at our feet
a fake fireplace never gives heat

Animals hurdle through the chute, one at a time
A purple mist descends, darkness the color of wine

Morning paper news ignores the horrors of the state
and there are no Gandhis now, for us to imitate
Sean Hunt Oct 11
paper turns purple
as it imitates the flames
licking animals
Sean Hunt Oct 4
The sky is not blue
not for me and not for you
fly up there and see
Sean Hunt Sep 20
In an orange sky
flies by
a foreign jet

In a golden age
clean pages
of knowledge

Inside our spines
neurons fire
and intersect

In grace, in church
on pews they perch
and genuflect


In fathoms blue
fish swim through
holy nets
Sean Hunt Sep 13
In the morning
the day is born
Why do we sometimes
whinge and cry
when the sun rises
in the sky

Why do we whimper
late at night
when death has been
and at our feet lies
a safe retreat

We fear the hello
we say to the day
We hate goodbye
when the hour is late
We’re oh so fickle
stuck between two pickles
Sean Hunt Aug 30
Clouds don’t stay around for long
like headline news
coming and going
becoming ‘old’ very soon

Like morning sun and nighttime moon
the switch one day will wear out
Our world will tire of hot and cold
black and white darkness and light

Gold or bust
Bronze is too close to rust  
and change we must
Sean Hunt Aug 30
Be mindful when you live
Be careful when you die
Discipline determines
your dream day and night

Watch your mind
your mouth and hands
The winds may blow
where you don’t want to go

During a lifelong drought
two rivers of tears
could flow
from your eyes to your mouth

This thirst is the worst
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