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adira Feb 2018
everything seems so dark so sad
then i see your smile and my heart ***** its wings gladly
in a way i could like a leach
into joy i would reach
i live off of smiles
if i harvested none i would disapaer from all the worlds inches and miles
in my own ocean of tears
i dedicate my life so no one must be like me with a heart full of tares
only held together with thin fragile thread
Mark Wanless Dec 2017
"Sonnets From a Conversation With a Friend VIII "

We have thrown many hollow words at each
Other in fits of spite and calumny.
Hitting the mark has been very easy
For both of us. I sometimes try to leach
A fawned approval, and in secret reach
Out to shape you into what i truly
Wish existed. You, can with childish glee
Lie about anything, or deign to teach
Me of your rickety opinions as
If they were life's first law. But these course, bare
Faults that sting do not ensphere and compass
Our union, nor do we gasp unaware
Of just remorse, and blooms one clear thought that's
Held jointly,       perfect people live elsewhere.

— The End —