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Poetic T Nov 2018
Telling me to pick a card,
    always giving her mine.
                Stealing my heart.

I never was a full deck after that.
He slipped too many times for it to be accidental,
Gurgling underwater; and sinking from the vessel.
He too, had supplied the deaths aboard the deck,
Where drowning and breath paddled; all atop his neck.
Do you know his struggle, until you've met the sea?
Where fish swim past on their way, and you clamber just to breathe.
Sputtering on bubbles, his exhaling's a crusade,
But please don't feel bad for him, that's just an average day-
All feedback is welcome and appreciate!!:)
Riley June Apr 2018
connected to the end of a fishing line,
pulled by a hook the eye,
reeled onto the deck by a strong grip,
lashing out against every touch,
try to hold me down and still my movements,
screaming for air while swallowing nothing,
soon limp i'm tossed aside as you go back to the reel,
pray that others will see my blood on; your hook in disguise
DancingEnt Feb 2018
I have visions of me
Standing in a sun beam
In one of your cabled sweaters
Too big for me
But thick, warm, white, and comfy
On a deck we built
To add to our dream home
There's a field of tall grass
Behind me, and it stretches for miles
My hair is soft brown and long
Blowing in the gentle morning breeze
You bring me a cup of coffee
Still wearing that same beanie
You've been wearing since I've known you
Your broad smile takes up your whole face
Disappearing only when you reach for a kiss
And there it is returned
You wrap an arm around me from behind
And we stand there
Sipping coffee and enjoying the stillness of us
I daydream about this constantly. It's an outward perspective. And all I can see is a couple that loves each other more than anything.
Dark Jewel Jan 2015
Gone through the wind,
Through the deck of cards.
Known as the possibilities.
Of life.

Breeze caressing the skin,
Challenging the decisions.
Changing your perspective.

Wings stretched wide,
Halo crooked with horns.
We aren't perfect.
WE are far from it.

By life's deck of cards.

Flipped face down,
Curiosity kills the cat,
Mistake one made.

One mistake made,
Hundreds more to come.
Maybe millions.

Wings folded,
Blocking the heart guarded by black.
Broken by a simple,

The deck of cards stand,
Your life purpose in your hands.
Seven to choose from,
Six to fail.

Between Heaven and Hell.
I got the Idea from an essay I wrote.

— The End —