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arian Nov 2018
Here I am;
With all these songs to dance along.
With the rain drenching the ground.
Standing alone
In the cemetery;
Should I sway along to the melody?
Should I mourn over the loss of the ideals I never had
With the ghosts watching in front of me?
Or maybe
I could just leave them alone with themselves,
Letting them rest in whatever state they are in.
Still, I am here;
My mind
To rest.
aubrey Nov 2018
“what are we?” she asked

with despair, he replied, ”we’re nothing”
Jarene Nov 2018
my heart hurts
i’m stuck with
this curse
i need to learn
how to love
it kills me first
Sketcher Nov 2018
She took a part of me that I can't retrieve,
How in the **** could I be so naive,
Maybe cause she put my feeble mind at ease,
In the end it was just one great ol' tease,
I was lost in the feeling of feeling pleased,
I never thought that such events would cease,
Like walking through green meadows feeling the breeze,
Like kissing me while she's on her knees,
Every day going home depressed and crying,
This stuff sounds fake but I am not lying,
They say, "Do Better", they can't see I'm trying,
Whatever the setting, I feel like dying,
Recently she has been occupying,
My mind that has been solidifying,
Into something quite unsatisfying,
A ball of depression that doesn't stop supplying,
She took me in and then pushed me away,
What's the problem, did she think I was ***,
Does she think that love is just a game you play,
Till' you ruin a man and watch him decay,
*****, love is not a ******* buffet,
Pick a meal, put it on your plate and stay,
Right now it's in your best interest to obey,
Because I won't let you be lead astray,
Even though you already got ****** up,
And I know you're slowly becoming corrupt,
I love you so I might as well give up,
Continuing life normally until I erupt,
I'm ending this now, this is my last verse,
So I'll take my bow and accept my curse,
It would never allow me to take first,
So I say ciao, now it's time to disperse.
Liquid Bear Oct 2018
The sky is dying,
a picture of oblivion,
as vultures circle
the smoking ashes
of my patience.

They want more,
they want
what's left
of light and color,
thought and sound.

Let the world roll
into the abyss,
let reality's tree
wither and fall.

I don't care.
I've had enough
of this cursed game,
with nothing
and nobody.
I guess I'm in a really bad mood.
Apporva Arya Oct 2018
He had ocean in his eyes,
enough to erupt my emotions
And drown me within.
Until one day,
all his Colors get faded
And I was more tears
then water.
I saw the real him.
I saw the real me,
Played by a cold heart.
Not every beast is a cursed king,
Some are simply Beast.
That day his real him
And future us shared a laugh.
Love is blind but I was blessed still to see through him, through us. I am not blaming him because not every person we met are destination ,some are just journey.
Sajal Ahmed Sep 2018
O liar lover!
Your biggest lies "I love you babe,  more than me and my father-mother"
I remember your words
And every falsehood will be judged one day!
That day I opened my pants zipper:
I'll **** your ***** face!
What is insult?
I'll teach you.
******* **** girl
No one will look at you;
Nobody will show sympathy;
You will cry,
Nobody can hold your hand,
I'll kick you
In your face and chest
I will kick your stomach!
I will tattoo your whole body
"You are a liar! You are a scam! You're a *****! You're a street nerd dog!"
***** now go to ****....
If you despise me, remember, I do not have time to *******
astraea Aug 2018
somehow, right now,
it’s winter and i’m wrapped in your embrace.
somehow, it’s winter and we’re all wearing brown,
sitting on soft couches and listening,
pretending we’re oh so smart,
when really?
we’re oh,

and all our hearts, they’re strewn across the floor,
all our work is forgotten,
as we kiss and touch and watch the snow fall,
and sit down to dinner,
where we slow dance -in the living room,
then wrap our arms around each other,
repeat the same songs on some ancient tape player.

those slow drumbeats, the soft jazz notes,
the growing thrum of this cursed city
-the one we danced to? sank into the sheets with?
this, this is where we got lost in us.
with the snowfall outside and, who would have noticed
that we smell like something other than fall candles.

i grin, and we grab our things off the floor,
and laugh it off. somehow, we know this place,
it’ll always be our home. after all,
sweaters cover our marks in a way sun-clothes can’t,
don’t they darling?

now, soft skin, pearlescent,
seems like some sort of luxury, a wish made during yule,
something i can only share with you,
because truly, i don’t think i’d want to share this cold place,
unless they were you.

and as we waltz to slow music, as we plan, as we laugh,
as we sit down in the candles,
i think i’m falling all over again,
because your eyes look hodded in the light,
your skin inviting, your mouth soft,
and your smile makes me wish you’d swallow me whole.
based on perfect places (lorde), and **** your darlings.

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