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Since all computers can work out any math,
then my problems of math thinking
are simply that I have a lack of
ANDs, ORs, or NOTs
in my brain connection.
Chad Young Feb 4
The city sitter looks like the constituents of the city.
Silence goes to those who need safety the most.
Silence is not a light, but is usually unconsciously directed toward mercy for me, as my countenance is covered by its past.
Silence goes first to the wicked.
Pandaboy May 2019
was not the reality,
I was unwilling to trace back.
Ignoring the last scene
forgetting where I have been
afraid of fear, surviving in the dark.
Though all it took was a moment of serene.
After all darkness just needs a little spark.
The Poem goes by the name “ The Satori “ , which in Japanese refers to sudden growth or awakening by insight . The poem starts with feelings of pessimism followed by a subtle trigger .. Thanks to Thomas gray for inspiring me to use the word "serene" .
ZenOfferings Dec 2018
Volumes on silence…
You could fill a library;
Then what has been said?
ZenOfferings Dec 2018
Set your bundle down
Satori in an instant
Pick your bundle up
Possum living Oct 2018
Bowing deeply, invited by the sound of a distant bell.

Sitting with the masters, or staring at the wall.

This silent illumination reveals equanimity in bedlam.

What is this?

It is not perfect, but we are in the business of efforts.

Softening the shell of our perceptions.
Possum living Oct 2018
Coming into this world with nothing, save for the benefactors who receive us

Slowly multiplying in an amalgamation of felt experience and ancient conditioning

Do we know the proliferation of thought?

A gradual awakening unfolds, with no beginning or end
Toby Sebastian Aug 2015
I open my mouth to sing
but have forgotten the words.
Snow on their heads
the mountains too have forgotten.
At least the butterflies remember how to dance.
Among Amar Trees
Big Dipper Is Nestled In
Silvery Midnight
Imagined by
Impeccable Space

— The End —