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The first day
I saw you
was the day
I found home

A home
where I
can feel
safe and
at peace
for Lewis
blue moon
does sadness
come visit
you at night
do they
hear your
silent cries
I am sick
with rage
of the centuries
with women
being abused
and *****
now the
phoenix rises
with justice
let freedom ring
Do you
love me
or do
you lust
for my

My thighs
can make
you go wild
my love can
make you
go crazy

This love
will make you
mentally unstable
thinking about
me daily
and craving
for some
baby making
moon child
don't you
know the
night is
your mother

she is
the darkness
to your light
moon child
she is your
#moon #moonchild #night
When the
sun arises
the darkness
slowly disappeared
the pain became
the old and
glory was
her new
She never stop
loving you
even when
you didn't
her  love
that woman
is a treasure
hard to find
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