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Pluviophilist Mar 2018
Is becoming a runaway an option?
Can escapism, be a relief to this soul full of imperfection?
Or would it all just be a volatile alleviation?

I, I drown in a sea of commotion..
And I get lost in all this confusion..
But you, You are my salvation,
And so my soul rejoices with celebration
Pluviophilist Dec 2015
To the one whom my heart adores..
To the person who keeps me safe and sound..
To the lover of my soul who loves me unconditionally..
And, to the mortal who fills my life with warm embrace..

The day I met you, was the day that I'll treasure forever.
The hug you give is the most heartwarming hug.
The touch of yours is the only gentleness that I need.
And, the love you declare is the sweetest thing of all.

All I want to be is next to you,
All I want to feel is your touch,
All I want to see is your face,
And, All I want to hear is you, saying that you'll never let me go..
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
You tear me apart,
From the inside out..
You stab me,
Right at the heart..

You break me,
In a blink of an eye..
In just a second,
You make me feel like,
'There's nothing left of me'

You were the apple of my eye,
The oxygen to my soul,
The love of my life..
But I was never yours

I was only an accessory,
A runaway,
A shadow,
An artificial lover
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
The storm roars,
The wind blows,
The ocean rises,
But I still remain the same

The rain falls,
The thunder growls,
The earth trembles,
Yet, I am still me

The leaves may turn brown,
The sky may turn black,
The birds may stop singing,
But I may not change

The love I gave yesterday,
The love I give today,
And the love I will give tomorrow,
Is the same love you'll ever receive from me....forever.
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
From a distant
i'm looking at you
Looking at the beauty
i finally found

My hands are trying..
Trying to touch you
To feel the softness of your skin,
And the gentleness of your touch

This mouth is screaming..
Screaming your name
My mind is spinning wild,
Thinking of you..

If only this is real..
You are real
I am real
But the love isn't

Maybe one day,
This will be real..
Even though it's going to be real
only for me, in my dream.
Pluviophilist Oct 2015
The more i seek
The further you go
Going deep, into the depth of my mind and thoughts

I never knew
that falling would be this painful
I thought falling for you was a pleasant-kind of falling

— The End —