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Àŧùl Mar 2021
True comfort lies in
Infancy or in
Mother's lap,
True peace lies
only in Death
I know that
In death you
Are free from all
Pains and emotions,
Like I was in that
Comatose state
My HP Poem #1912
©Atul Kaushal
james Nov 2019
My body moves from room to room
My mind thinks, unobstructed
I eat and drink and wake and sleep
I work and play and work again
And yet
I am completely, entirely, pathetically,


I walk and talk, and scan with my eyes
As if they weren't hollow inside
In truth, even if I had life enough to run
I would still be consumed by a stillness, because

Dear friend, I feel precisely

Don't be deceived.
I am as empty as i have ever been,
And ever could be.
ive written a lot of poems about apathy and this is my least favorite by far but i really like the phrase "emotional comatose"
Regan Morse Feb 2017
Her footsteps were as light as could be
as she ran across the void,
glowing in the cloudless night
as far as the eye could see.
She stopped slowly, eyes wide with realization,
She could be free.

So, she stood, head held high;
Shoulders stiff, holding the weight of the sky,
as she faced her labyrinth of pain.
Of lies and suffering.
Of utter agony.

She let not one tear fall
as she walked on,
determined to flee from the place
she had once called her safe haven.

They never did see her again.
She disappeared without a trace.
Lost inside her own mind, they said.

Oh well,
She was one of many they had to pull the plug on.

She wouldn’t notice it anyway.

They never did.
The first poem I've ever posted so I hope you like it!
I haven't actually studied the correct way grammaticize poems so any feedback will be appreciated.
Baylee Sep 2015
Walking around
Miniature pharmacy,
Too many pills to count,
No one understands,
No one can relate,
To the type of life,
The type of hate
She has for herself.

This one every 12 hours,
That one every eight,
Six puffs of an inhaler,
It's her body that she hates.
Walking down the road,
Her bag rattles from all the drugs,
She pops some more here and there,
Then it's nyquil that she chugs.

Why isn't she normal?
Why does she have to do this?
No one her age is worried
About missing their next dose,
But if she misses
A single medication,
She might as well
Admit herself into a hospital
SøułSurvivør May 2015

Is zero a number?
Is numb a feeling?
Is comatose slumber?
Is sleep now healing?

Is why a question?
Is try a verb?
When you can't shake
The ***** and herb?

Is static music?
Is silence screaming?
Is nighttime cursed...

is daytime dreaming?

Rewrite (c) 5/12/2015
Written 2014
For those battling addiction...

It's not something you "give up"
It's something you LET GO.

Aditya Shankar Mar 2015
Barely floating 'neath
The weeping sky; no reason to live
No reason to die

Suspended high above
Dim flickering lights; no reason to live
No reason to die

Ashes hide behind
Comatose eyes; no reason to live
No reason to die.
Inspired by Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape:  A collection of Rare and Early soundtracks
g Sep 2014
she closes her eyes
as the nightmares flash
she screams
and wake up in cold sweat

her heartbeat accelerates
as she glances furtively
around her dark room
frightened and terrified

as she lies back on her bed
she keeps her eyes open
in fear of the dark
the unknown lurking there

yet another night of hers
where her sleep was disrupted
just like any other nights
its a wonder how she hasn't gotten used to it

she prayed and wished
to escape this state of insomnia
even if it was comatose
she wouldn't mind
its 3:29am and i feel like this person except i don't get nightmares and my insomnia is self-inflicted.
Amitav Radiance Aug 2014
Hunger quivers in the heart
Waiting for morsel of love
Stricken with neglect for long
Hand that fed only remorse
Deprived of the nutrient of care
Heart's muscles weakened
Wary from the darkness
Cannot feel the soul’s pulse
Abject penury of feelings
Drove the loving heart to sink
Now lying in comatose

— The End —