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Brandon Conway Jun 2018
Never aim too high
Never aim too low
Betwixt and between
Lies beautiful poetry

For the heat of the sun melts
The salt of the sea corrodes
Betwixt and between
The stories unfold

The souls combust
The spirits submerge
Betwixt and between
Our words emerge
james m nordlund Dec 2017
A million monarchs lie dead, though,
No less sociological programming of
Upper-middle to rich classes with
Decadence, affluence, inclusion, is.
No less societal determination of
Middle to lower, being excluded by
Division and conquering, privation.
Yet, they, on wing no more, still fly
In our spirit's eye, heal humanities' heart.
While their silent cry echoes
The 33,000 species extinct each year,
A rate not seen since the last ice age
Ensued; does it move you?
Does your curiosity ask why?
Will you, on this 33rd Earth Day, allow
A tear for all life's fallen? Consider
The losses economic apartheid incurs,
Mirrored by the divide humancentricity
Has levied? Our underlying duplicitous
Disregard for life, greed and oil fueled,
Won't abate for our existence, will you?
(For the beautiful butterflies, 31 st Earth Day, 2013)

Inspired stylistically by Dylan Thomas   :)

There is no separation, and not no separation, at once.  Life is relation.  Sociology, art, nature, economics, politics, spirituality, Earth, hummingbird, human being, a tree treeing, all one evolving Cosmos.

reality, james m nordlund
Through the darkness I part the Veil,
And walk the hidden paths,
In the brightness beyond the pale,
I see what none have seen.
There's danger here in the world beyond,
In the gleam beyond the gloom.

And all my days it waits for me,
The calling in my blood,
And through the years I walk the paths,
That very few have seen,
The Veil grows thin as years go by,
In the gleam beyond the gloom.

Through the darkness I return again,
From those fair hidden paths,
And as I walk I learn to talk,
Like I once knew I could,
For few have been beyond the veil,
In the gleam beyond the gloom.

~In the Gleam Beyond the Gloom by Bethany "Lorekeeper" Davis, March 5, 2015

My attempt at translating it into Latin:

Velum parte post umbram,
Et ambulate per semitae occultae,
In splendóribus supra pallidus,
Non video quid viderim.
Non est hic mundus extra periculum,
In splendóribus post umbram.

Et omnibus diebus meis memet maneat
Vocatio in sanguine meo,
Et per annos ambulate semitae,
Valde pauci, quas vidi,
Velum crescit tenuis quod eunt anni,
In splendóribus post umbram.

Per tenebras revertentur
Ex his latet semitas occultae,
Et ego ambulo illis loquela,
Scientes semel ego potui,
Pauci abierunt trans velum,
In splendóribus post umbram.

And a translation of that Latin from an academic translation site:

And the hanging for the part after the shadow,
And walk by the ways of the hidden God,
In the brightness of beyond the pale,
I do not see what I saw,
He is not here the world is out of danger,
In the brightness after the shadow.

The call waits for me,
In my blood, and all my days,
And I will walk you through the years, the highways,
Very few men, that I have seen,
As the years go by the thin veil of the increases,
In the brightness after the shadow.

From these things it is hidden by the darkness,
They shall come again the paths of the hidden God,
And I, I walk the angels have speech,
Yet knowing that once I was able to,
They went to the other side of the veil of the few,
In the brightness after the shadow.
Evan Serik S Dec 2014
A tender caress,
Your Skin so sweet,
Sickly to taste now,
Ever since you changed your beat,
Your hearts not the same,
It no longer fits mine,
Cracked on the line,
Tearing off parts of mine,
Splitting in two,
My heart left with you,
You never came back,
So i glued up the cracks,
Gin and rubber,
To fill my void,
Stuck alone,
No space for more,
Your heart fit mine,
But now it's time,
My hearts gone,
My time followed along,
Like a stone i'll wait,
No heart to care,
Dying alone here,
At the wall i stare.
AD Mullin Sep 2014
I went down to the crossroads. It was time for my life to start but I was dealing with a sticky throttle. I couldn't find my voice, I couldn't find momentum. When life got moving, then everything was coming in fits and starts. When I wasn't completely stuck in the mud I risked running myself over because I went from no traction to full traction in a fraction ... everything came so fast and furious.

So I sat there at the crossroads and there was the devil, waiting … he was waiting to see what I had to offer. When he saw that I couldn't or wouldn't offer the things that he wanted he stayed away. The devil had a certain amount of integrity, he was of the old ways.

As a stubborn individual, I decided not to leave. I felt the crossroads still had answers to offer up. Soon another entity came, it was god. God wanted to make a deal with me. I should have felt relieved, here was Mr. Omniscience himself. All he wanted in return was my eternal soul, he wanted me to live a god life so that I could go to heaven. When I thought about it, I decided that this deal was ******* than what the devil had to offer. At least I could eventually swim out of hell and give it another whirl. God didn't offer much hope for a second chance. He was willing to sacrifice his son so that I would have eternal peace. **** this dude. He should be tried for crimes against humanity at the most preposterous and for infanticide at the most basic levels.

But maybe this story was best told as a trinity. Maybe Jesus walked this Earth so that he could sacrifice Himself. He knew the choices that were offered on this planet. The devil you know versus an eternal rest. Of the many preposterous things that we could do in worship maybe worshipping cows made the most sense. Maybe jesus took some bones of his father and came back to earth so that he could resolve this injustice. Maybe Jesus was ******* story overlaid on ******* story or maybe there was truth buried somewhere deep in our collective. Maybe it wasn't jesus that stole some of his father's bones but maybe it was eve who stole some of her father's bones and she sacrificed herself so that we could wake up out of dreamtime. So that she could take a bite out of the apple of knowledge and so that she could wake us all up to the beautiful things that lie under her feet.

If I am to ever worship anything in this world then it would be eve.

Meanwhile, back at the crossroads.

Zeus or Allah or Yaweh or Krishna or whatever you want to call Him had all the best intentions. I was one of his children, he told me. If I would repent at this crossroads in my life then I would be able to live alongside all my brother's and sister's in a place that defied all physical laws (that I'm aware of) for eternity. So, God was telling me that I should not live in this life ... but instead, live in the next one. This was just a practice life! He wanted me defy the laws, the architecture that had been laid down for us … he wanted me to defy the Code so that we can go get 'stuck' in dreamtime for eternity. And that was it, I saw where the integrity was emanating from. It wasn't from this pseudo-god or from dreamtime or from any other unhealthy alternatives. The answer was the crossroads itself. The answer was under our feet. Under my feet, the whole time. This planet, as an expression of the stars, has all the answers that we need at this time. We need to relish these crossroads that we come to in our life and own it. Don't take ownership for what's under your feet, take ownership for everything from soul to crown ~ nothing more, nothing less
Published 29 September 2014 @ YXY

Revised 26 September 2014 in Her Queen Majesty's airspace somewhere over Kanata.

Originally contemplated 31 July 2013

This is source knowledge. I believe the Tao is the key to mastery of life
Victoria Apr 2014
Im home alone again,that's fine
Drinking Ethiopian wine

Wishing you were here with me
A you that wished to be with thee

you without any troubles
Me with my unsightly fumbles

Is it the wine that keeps us apart?
Is that the line which separates ones heart?

I  lit a cigarette just now
Wonderring if my words are foul

Are they of a dream come true?
Or might they just  be of you ?

A you that may not exsist
To which I am constantly betwixt

Who are you?
And will I ever know
This love of mine
That fails to show
Victoria Apr 2014
As the pain begins to fade
The words begin to stray

Was this a temporary fix?
to quell what has left me betwixt

The ache and anguish of a 'love' lost
Enabled me linguistically at a high cost

A price which I shall never again pay
I have learned to hold my heart at bay

I shall learn the lines of happier times
And leave the pain to it's demise

For I am the owner of my words
Not a sheep that follows amongst the herds

— The End —