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Henry Apr 6
I can still picture you here
The afternoon's lemonade sky corrupts the image
Still, you pose for cameras that no longer exist
Only tamped down, long-dead grass remains
This would've been a lovely place for a picnic
Or maybe to make love
Before the fall of reason
The Yellow Sky #3
Henry Apr 4
I arrive at the corner
All five senses awake
It’s raining, light footsteps, a murmur
Words with no weight
Footsteps on wet streets
Steam rising
Air that is water
I hear without listening

Your body of steam
Your face of night
Your hair of lightning
Your eyes of asphalt
Your fingers of water
I see you in this place

The unhurried lighting unfolds you
You cross the street and enter time
The asphalt’s shining
Night walks away
A surge of weight running over me
The rain listens
Not distracted in this moment
Night returns
You and the mist
Figurations of time
Wandering in the dark

Days and years go by
The night is in another time
In the next room
Not here
You lay asleep in your garden
Nestled among the leaves
Adrift of time
Footsteps cover you
No more resurrections
You listen to the rain
A vision

Inventor of the night
The shadow
The rain
Listen to me
See my sorrow
Open my eyelids
Burn the terrace
The grove
The night
The moments
Henry Apr 4
I found myself wanting, wanting for something I could not find
Suddenly I saw your vision, your twisted image filled my mind
I saw you in my nightmares, taunting me from miles and miles away
I tried but I could not save you, so I slipped back into the deep space

Couldn’t realize the state I was in till you showed me my insides
Didn’t know how good i could be till you showed me the bright light
Just give me one more chance just give me one more day...
Cause soon, I’ll be just another airwave.

I don’t know how I got here, I’ve got no memories of my past
All my so called years behind me, no one told me id be so empty this fast
Suddenly I saw the tv, its wretched static rots my brain
I thought i’d take a trip yeah, but no journey could dilute my pain
Song I was writing for my friends band
Henry Apr 4
I put on a shirt I used to let you borrow
You would sleep in it because it smelled like me
But now they're all back in my dresser
And they'll never smell like you again
Henry Apr 4
Windows down
Early summer heat fills every pore in my body
An orange and lemonade sky
I'm shouting along to music you don't love
Normally you'd be here singing with me
Even though it's not your favorite
Henry Apr 2
My thoughts will maim you like Kano
Thinking of the pain-o makes you start drinking the draino
Count your days bro
Time for a puzzle for your brain-o
What likes kit and kaboodle but not the rain-o
I’d tell you but you wouldn’t get it
Like tots listening to Coltrane-o or Jimmy Hendrix
I’ve gots one more question, use your noodle
Pay attention! Better stop picking at your cuticles
Some kids only get to draw yankee doodles
They tag along at home while they eating ramen noodles
Other kids go to games with the family poodle
In the booth they get to sing a song, the Yankee Doodle
  How much wealth do you think is in the bottom half?
  Only 1 percent belongs to most, the riff raff
  Inscribe that graph on my epitaph
  On my deathbed, I just want to hear my children laugh
Many fellas feign money through poverty
The reality of my situation doesn’t really bother me
I’m full of funny sayings like Plato and Socrates
Such catchphrases as hey baby **** on these!
I’m just kidding I would never-ever do that
I have a reputation as a forever-ever cool cat
Whose that? Is he a juul rat? How many tats?
Henry, no, and none. Now say where’s your daughter at?
The poor burn wealth about as much as anyone
Though some can’t easily earn health for they many sons
She turn tricks for her son’s Trix and lego bricks
But in the end we all churn the same River Styx
  How much wealth do you think is in the bottom half?
  Only 1 percent belongs to most, the riff raff
  Inscribe that graph on my epitaph
  On my deathbed, I just want to hear my children laugh
Rich and poor both drinking coca-cola
Stress and storm both scary like paranoia
I’m thinking there’s a little societal unrest
The greatest generation watched King Kong beat on his chest
I want to scream just like Ann Darrow
Yelp for help but the people’s views too narrow
The news only shows what the shiny shoes say to
Not much we can do, so we wait till they get their due
Nothings gonna happen if we don’t make it
So write in, call in, tweet in and even pray it
They won’t admit it if we can’t force them to say it
Our last hope’s revolution, they’re not outdated
  How much wealth do you think is in the bottom half?
  Only 1 percent belongs to most, the riff raff
  Inscribe that graph on my epitaph
  On my deathbed, I just want to hear my children laugh
This is a rap song I wrote to the instrumental, "Rhymes Like Dimes Instrumental"
Henry Apr 2
Sometimes I put on nicer clothes
Put some effort into my outfit
So I can continue to sit at my at my desk
Looking good for no one but me
And that's enough
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