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Erali Pisce Apr 2015
One day, some day, soon.
She always told me,
one day, some day, soon.
We wrote scripts together.
We cried together.
We acted together.
She was my world,
and I was hers.
We never kissed.
We never wanted to.
This is no love story.
This is the story of a lost friendship.
Et tu, Clara?
Matthew M Lydon Feb 2015
she stood outside the apartment
finger halfway up her nose
scratching with her free hand
a **** loosely encased
in patchy, ***** blue jeans
ratty sneakers with holes where
her toes and dignity poked through

usually a whiner, a brayer
a donkey among gently purring cats
calling down thunder and racket
like a motorcycle tearing circles through a lamp shop

today, of all days, she swayed

in loose waltz time
to soft piano of a long-dead Frenchman
curling down from speakers
mounted in windows
across the street

her misshapen hips and flexing calf muscles
lifting her up in a rude en pointe
somehow made elegant
by a quiet ballad, a soothing moment
on a hot August morning
in Main Street
of the hinterlands.

the marriage of people I know, and music I only think I know.
AD Mullin Sep 2014
The Rheostatics, they bring all their equipment on the bus.

And you can't **** with the Rheostatics

You cannot **** with this band
Smell of earth
Rugged brown
Taste the rain as it falls down
Rise and fall
Blue and green
Trace the clouds that paint the scene
Lift your eyes
Make no sound
Feel the stillness all around
Bow your head
Kiss the ground
This is where your heart is found
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
In the middle of the day
You cross my mind
And your footprints are lasting
If I were known to feel
I might not hide it
I might embrace it
But what's in a reputation
If not repute and repetition

To break habit is difficult;
I've considered it,
Still I cannot

But can I speak in dreams?
Can I speak with soul?
And maybe when it's three in the morning
And we're both heavily weary
Can I call you
And tell you I love you
Or would the hour not excuse
The boldness of my honesty

To be vulnerable is difficult;
I've considered it,
Still I cannot
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
To start fresh
A chance to be different
A chance to love
But what do I want?

To travel far
And feed the spirit
Quench the wanderlust
But what do I want?

To love another
An honest tenderness
A heart that makes mine beat again
But what do I want?

To write the stories
Learn the legends
To know the stars above
And that is all I *need
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
I.    the end of life;
      that which was always fated
      shocks us, even still

II.  the passing of time;
      we can never comprehend
      our frail existence

III. the creative soul;
      we must, with earnest ink,
      make every word count

IV. the end of an era;
      it is but a beginning
      of something much more
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
All of a sudden;
I don't know how we got here,
But we cannot stay
Cassidy Claire Johnson © 2014.
Xander King Jun 2014
Your voice like bells
resonates through my mind
as memories of your brilliant smile
clouds my thoughts
and the glimmer in your eyes
resides in my fondest memories
for you see
you were there
maybe not physically
but more than anyone ever has
the simple paragraphs you'd write
causing an unbeknown smile to cross my cheeks
as warmth flooded through me
you are the epitome of beautiful
on the inside and out
Remember when we first met?
7 months ago
you were posted on
Just a Band *****
and with a few simple comments
you stole my heart.
after a few days of
threatening to kidnap bands
and Dexter
I awoke to a wondrous surprise
asking me to be yours
i was hesitant at first
i didn't wanna hurt you
You meant to much to me.
but i agreed.
knowing what would happen would be something
only J.K. Rowling could explain
But alas we fell a part
Only to be brought back together
and to exchange three precious words
I love you.
now you see,
I'm not the type to exchange words of those caliber
for I know the weight of those words
as do you
So i knew when you said
I love you too
you meant it
and i hoped you knew i meant it to
we've gone on like this for nearly a year now
though we may break up
and see others
we're always drawn together
and I cant explain it
and i don't think anyone else can either
When i see you smile i melt
your eyes make me feel like I'm having a heart attack
but a good one
because I'm not gonna die while you're still beside me
you mean the world to me
and at risk of sounding creepy
I think your the one
and I need you
I love you.
To my girlfriend Claire, I love her!

— The End —