Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
Freedom is a mask.
We don both it and our colors,
oblivious to the snickers of our peers.
Like religion, patriotism separates us further.
How can one believe in a system
so corrupt?
Powerless yet powerful, we must stand,
lest another civil war commence.
Together, hand in hand, we
will create a new life for us all.
hollow May 2018
my eyes were open for two years
fear, I couldn't close them, even when it was so clear

what had I just signed up for,
you swore, why are we in a civil war

waiting for you to just ******* crash
but with your stash, you're having a blast

drifting away from reality,
carefree, giving me the third degree, you lost me

control couldn't save you
and neither could I
I knew we just both had to survive
I felt weak, but now I know I was strong
my eyes were tired for being open for so **** long

you didn't just crash, you ******* burned
you burned all of your bridges with no where left to turn
flight or fight, fright, I can't trust you without a ******* knife,
I closed my eyes, finally, and I suddenly gained all sight

I didn't need a reason to help you
but maybe I wanted to close my eyes again
maybe I wanted peace, a close to an end

because for two years,
I couldn't close my eyes
so thank you
now I am wise
Daniel Tsel Mar 2018
What does it mean to be a *****?                                                           ­               
To be stripped of everything that *** gave.                                  
To be wondering and planning every single night                                                    
Whether it’s worth to leave and risk your life                        
Imagine a flower at a flower shop                                            
First cut away from the rest of the crop                          
Then sold to a man that they never knew                  
Either left to wither                              
Or sold anew                                            
Even though it’s a beautiful flower
It’s treated like a **** and subjected to power              
If it tries to grow it’s own path anew                                  
It will be forced back down
Now a flower in blue
Skull and Bones free markets calling,
          we're sailing off with your income's falling...

Skull and Bone's gain, -your hurt;
          all your fetid industries we do subvert...

Skull and Bones my outlaw swear!
          on the altar I cremate the care!
6, 7 meter rhyme
Johnny Noiπ Feb 2018
I confess, without shame, I am sick
and tired of fighting—its glory is
all moonshine; even success
the most brilliant is over dead
and mangled bodies, with the
anguish and lamentations of distant
families, appealing to me for sons,
husbands and fathers; tis only those
who have never heard a shot,
never heard the shriek and groans
of the wounded and lacerated that cry
aloud for more blood, more vengeance,
more desolation
William Tecumseh Sherman (February 8, 1820 – February 14, 1891) was an American soldier, businessman, educator, and author. He served as a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War (1861–65), for which he received recognition for his outstanding command of military strategy as well as criticism for the harshness of the "scorched earth" policies he implemented in conducting total war against the Confederate States. -wikipedia
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do

Fu shew-away u blacks

Icehousey, buddie wiser are..my MAN-he he hein kin..
Dan tell me wat fugshuis -Denmark!



go Alaska, Africa, be free then...den

My Grandfather stood at Antietam


These medals, pins, regalia, -so special.

...not general... like you...


Der idsey con Tan nint-in shew balon to.


Everybody knows, civilization was created by Whiskey!


Der idsey con Tan nint-in shew balon to.

I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do


I voted for Drumpf

I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do



Think about it.
Branden Youngs Jul 2017
I was so busy building a wall to keep everyone out
that I didn’t realize I was locking myself in.
Now I’m completely trapped within myself
and the civil war for my soul begins.

I’m left alone to tear down a wall that was built to keep hundreds out.
My monsters are winning this war and I will soon perish in my doubt.

A vulture is the only thing I can see
mocking me from the boundaries of my wall.
Soon it will be his time to dine
as I think I’ll leave my body by nightfall.
I say,
become a leveller
revel in equality,

if needs be
to flatten the
Edward Sexby, the unsung hero
mika May 2016
ever think about how you try your ******* best and yet people still think you're the one at fault? you started this mess, you signed the Accords, you are the bad guy

you try your best, yet your best isn't enough.

when? is it? enough?

ever think about how the person you trusted most would keep a secret so personal so sensitive that you feel your heartstrings pull, contract, push, expand?

ever think about his ******* shield pounding on your chest, effectively and deliberately trying to destroy your heart, your lifeline, that glowing thing?

you try your best, yet your best isn't enough

You are Atlas Incarnate
the world is heavy on your shoulders,
and the crows feast on your flesh

when? is it? enough?
you tie yourself to this team, you break through your limits
Physically, Emotionally, Mentally
until you're just waiting for your breaking point
waiting for it to break you down in half and sew you back together with cheap thread and a blunt needle and break you again

you try your best, and yet your best isn't enough
it will never be enough
no matter how hard you try
it won't be worth it
"...and it wasn't worth it."
I saw you once again,
When you are no more,
Picture perfect, on screen,
As the image in my mind....

Sari draped, clinging to your youthful figure,
I remember your smooth dark skin,
I remember your curves,
I remember your little secret...

The future we built up,
Walking along those salty shores,
I remember our innocent dreams,
Your youthful hearts sweet smile.....

I saw you once again,
When you are no more,
Picture perfect, on screen,
As the image in my mind.

Like a sweet illusion,
Lasting for a fraction of a second,
Which I wish I could grab and hold.....
Before you blasted,

With our banned love,
With our lost dreams.......
My betrayed love
And my lonely soul remains......

From whom did you take revenge, love?
From me? From yourself?
Or was it just an easy escape,
From this bizarre world?

Or was it really for The Cause?
A cause unclear... a cause evil...
Cause, not really mine or yours.....
A cause worth giving up Love????????????

You were just 24.......
Draped in your favorite sari
Picture perfect, in my mind
Like an illusion, My lost love..............

This poem was written in the pretext of a suicide bomb attack that really happened in my country.... The video shows the footage of the attackers aproach
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