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I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do

Fu shew-away u blacks

Icehousey, buddie wiser MAN-he he hein kin..
Dan tell me wat fugshuis -Denmark!



go Alaska, Africa, be free then...den

My Grandfather stood at Antietam


These medals, pins, regalia, -so special.

...not general... like you...


Der idsey con Tan nint-in shew balon to.


Everybody knows, civilization was created by Whiskey!


Der idsey con Tan nint-in shew balon to.

I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do


I voted for Drumpf

I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do
I share-nowan-do



Think about it.
Branden Youngs Jul 2017
I was so busy building a wall to keep everyone out
that I didn’t realize I was locking myself in.
Now I’m completely trapped within myself
and the civil war for my soul begins.

I’m left alone to tear down a wall that was built to keep hundreds out.
My monsters are winning this war and I will soon perish in my doubt.

A vulture is the only thing I can see
mocking me from the boundaries of my wall.
Soon it will be his time to dine
as I think I’ll leave my body by nightfall.
I say,
become a leveller
revel in equality,

if needs be
to flatten the
Edward Sexby, the unsung hero
I saw you once again,
When you are no more,
Picture perfect, on screen,
As the image in my mind....

Sari draped, clinging to your youthful figure,
I remember your smooth dark skin,
I remember your curves,
I remember your little secret...

The future we built up,
Walking along those salty shores,
I remember our innocent dreams,
Your youthful hearts sweet smile.....

I saw you once again,
When you are no more,
Picture perfect, on screen,
As the image in my mind.

Like a sweet illusion,
Lasting for a fraction of a second,
Which I wish I could grab and hold.....
Before you blasted,

With our banned love,
With our lost dreams.......
My betrayed love
And my lonely soul remains......

From whom did you take revenge, love?
From me? From yourself?
Or was it just an easy escape,
From this bizarre world?

Or was it really for The Cause?
A cause unclear... a cause evil...
Cause, not really mine or yours.....
A cause worth giving up Love????????????

You were just 24.......
Draped in your favorite sari
Picture perfect, in my mind
Like an illusion, My lost love..............
This poem was written in the pretext of a suicide bomb attack that really happened in my country.... The video shows the footage of the attackers aproach
JB Mar 2015
Dear Lord,

Forgive me for my transgressions
For they are many and sundry
You have said that it is easier for a camel
To pass through a needle's eye
Than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God

I was once a rich man
Now I am but a traveler, a beggar
Among these Atlantan ruins
As low now as the Negroes among me once were
Who walk past, too busy or too proud to give a second thought
To my new state of affairs, my ***** arm outstretched to them

I owned twenty-five field Negroes at one time
I saw many whipped, and I whipped many
I saw my transgressions as justifiable by Holy Scripture
I was called a "******-breaker", and prided myself as such

But pride is one of the Deadly Sins
And it brought your Wrath upon me
And upon my countrymen
As a terrible swift sword from the North
And as a Great Fire upon my land

I beseech thee, Lord, for forgiveness for my sins
For my hatred of the ***** has brought me only suffering
And pain and death to my family
My wife left, my two sons dead, my field-Negroes gone
Oh! How I wish I had not hated the *****
As I had before and as I do now

They were once property, vessels for men such as myself
To do with as they wish, to apply the lash, to love and caress
Now they are land-owners, oh! The cruelest change of affairs

"Those ****** *******, how I wish them dead!"
You might expect to hear uttered from these dry lips
But I am too tired and hungry to curse now
My throat is parched, my mouth is filled with cotton

Lord, I wish for you to take me now
And to let you decide what you wish to do with my soul
For I shall take either the Heavenly bliss I once believed I deserved
Or the unquenchable fires of Hell

But there cannot be a Hell worse than this, Lord
So now it is dark, and I am tired
I will close my eyes soon and fall asleep
Perhaps to wake tomorrow
Perhaps to never wake again

In your holy Name,
An experiment
Nefarious intentions
That is all we are
Hitcha with the Haiku!
ekaj revae Nov 2014
One eyed Doug is dead,
Mario told Trey
at the foot of the trail
where they caught each other
sneaking up to the old civil war fort.

they walked up together
where the trees made it
seem later in the day,

catching the stride
through the deep shadows to the top.
They heard the fire
cracking and voices stirring the embers,
stirring all the Coyote and Deer
to the outskirts, away from
Justin and Nick, resting at home,
Sitting with newly lit eyes
Glazed against the giant logs
Gargoyle’s roasting
slowly in the fire

Mario lifts the log
where Doug always sat, that somehow
never got burned.
He lifts it high,
like a ghost
they see in the slant
of the train bridge walls.
Shoves it hard
breaking open new fires
breaking apart
the civil war owl
rising up from the ashes
Kate Lion Jan 2013
i aced my history classes
they teach you about the war in vietnam
they teach you about the revolutionary war
they teach you about the battle of the bulge
the civil war
but what
of the wars you will face within yourself?
are seldom talked about
people blow their own minds
with destructive behaviors and terrible choices
one soldier fighting both sides
the post-traumatic stress of their own human experience
what of those people.
what of me.
Moans and groans of the dying and the living-dead
Last words: phrases that lingered
Still on their tongues
Bloods, boots and broken bones on cassava farms
where they fell
Crosses rotten, and this rusty brown shell
Tell stories of a past - that ****** movie
This ****** war

— The End —