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Cat Lynn Dec 2017
"A Monster!!! A Monster!!!" That is what they all shouted and proclaimed...

But even the wickedness of such a beauty can be tamed...

"It's Coming!!! It's Coming!!!" They screamed as they ran for shelter and protection, fearing it's flame...

But even the most fearsome indestructible beast can be put to great shame...

"Run!!! Run!! It's furry heart can never be softened nor can it's reckless body ever be contained!!!"

But even a retched immoral monster filled with corrupted plots can have a new name...

                             *We Can Be Beautiful Monsters...
Never say never... (oh wait I just did... XD)
Anyways the Lord has given so many retched sinful sinners a new life. We are rebellious people who have failed a holy perfect God... We deserve to be beast and monsters... but the Lord, with her grace and mercy and love, has given us an opportunity to be saved. We have fallen so short of the glory of God... and he gives us the free gift of eternal life... how amazing is that?And we can be made perfect in his sight. Our sins are washed away. We are still sinners and still will make mistakes but our payment has been paid and we can live forever and live for Christ!!!!

This is what I mean by Beautiful Monsters, We are monsters because we are sinners, we are beautiful because of Christ Sacrifice on the cross
Julie Grenness Aug 2016
Let's hear it for incremental Christians,
And ascetic vegetarians,
Hail the queen of heavens,
Blessings for us, a holy girl,
Roman around the world!
Well, she was born in the Roman empire,
A good Jewish maid, it did transpire,
A faith healer in this very day,
No holy dilemmas for her today,
Let's pray for lady luck, shines on us all,
Let's hope Armageddon does stall,
One for ascetic vegetarians,
And for incremental Christians!!
Feedback welcome.
When a
Remorseful convert,
Astray that had gone far
Blemishing his /her soul
With Sin's tar,
Puts a broken heart
On the altar,
By far,
S/he could enjoy
God's grace
Or even
Win a higher place
In His face
Than a devotee,
Taking pride
In his/her deed,
Who oft mount
A spiritual war
Devil's way to bar.

It is with
A broken heart
The culprit
Hanged by the right
Of Jesus Christ
Got to Eden's garden First
Though Adam,Moses,
Abraham, Job
And others were
Top on the short list.

It is by the virtue of
Their determination
Sinful ways to quit
Zacchaeus and
Mary Magdalene
Were seen fit
Than the hypocrite!

It is this line
From genesis
To revelation
God labours to bring
To our attention
So with conviction
Let us pray for
Our soul's resurrection.

Of course, no doubt,
Our devotion could buttress
Our chance to enjoy
His mercifulness!//

                      Who the Devil is Alem Hailu

He is an emerging  Ethiopian poet,translator and author of all literary genres in the medium of English language.
He is penetrating the global book market stamping a foot print on the firmament of literature.
If you peruse his work you could note ,with poems of local touch and national sentiment like 'Come to Ethiopia' and 'Great Tiding' , he is playing an ambassadorial role in several international poetry blogs from Australia to America .His poems have proved trending.
He has achieved global presence via
www­ / Australia
His books  and posters showcasing the knack of an Ethiopian author are cracking open publishers from Europe to America(www.united ) (Austria),, www.trafford .com America)
From the publisher  or amazon and the like, you can order for his books aiming at entertaining,edifying,style-showing,seeking an outlet to east African voice,finding a niche to Ethiopian authors in the global literary scene  and teaching the English language.
Specially schools,colleges,universities and libraries, people running stationer,book malls and cultural unites of different embassies could benefit from making his works available on their shelf.

To foreigners his work could serve as a window story.
His works include

1) In the Vortex of Passion's Wind

A poetic Drama on the Wrong Turns of life *** and AIDS
It is also meant to serve a language teaching material and Higher Learning Institutions and Preparatory Schools
A useful input  for performing artists
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos


2)A Boon of Classic Poems

(Translation in Amharic)
A collection of selected  classic  poem
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos

3) A Vent to Stifled Emotion
A debut collection of poems
By Alem Hailu
4) The Truth and Dawn
and Other  palatable Short Stories
of both mix: Art for art's sake and life's sake
By Alem Hailu G/Kristos
IBN 978-1-329-43915-390000

5)Pupil's poem(Full Color)

Rhyming poems for pupils and learners of the language
Systematically selected words and expressions to upgrade the language proficiency of students.
Inspires pupils to read as well as write poems. ,America

6)Hope from the Debris of hopelessness

A Novel with the theme “Disability is not inability!”
By UnitedP.C is in the pipeline
After I heard a preaching about soul's resurrection.I t drove home the repentant have a better chance to paradise
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

If you offer Moses porkchops
And Ghandi t-bone steaks
An Amish woman lightbulbs
You have what it takes!

If fish ain't on the menu
For a Catholic's Friday meal
And you fast on a Fat Wednesday
You're the real deal!

If at a Mosque you're dancing
While they're bowing to the east
If you use a salad fork
To eat the main course feast
At Episcopal church functions
Then don't give a dime
At Joel Osteen's mega-church
Man, you're right on time!

Non-religious offenders
Really should unite!
Just do what comes naturally!
Don't give up the fight!

Far from being reverent
Take it one step more!
Diss ol' jolly Santa
While looting big box stores!

But watch the gays and lesbians!
Jokes we won't allow!
Or political gurus and women

For those are sacred cows!

(C) 10/9/2013
Don't get me wrong.
I don't like nor want to diss ANYONE.
But "political correctness" has gotten
really over the top.
The only group it seems "correct"
to diss are Christians. I guess in
some instances we have it coming.
But we are automatically put in the
category of greedy, lustful, crazy, ignorant (or downright stupid)

What happens when you point
the finger? Yep. You got it.

Valo Salo Mar 2015
You can’t be seriously religious
If you’re not stripped naked

Like the goat or the insect
Like the tree and the snake

Like an erupting volcano
Give birth to a mountain

Justice flows down the wall
You slip and fall on the law

Naked wars and naked mutilations
Naked muslims naked christians

Naked laughs and naked cries
Bare naked to the day you die.
Francie Lynch Apr 2015
If you should hear me
Say Ave,
Don't presume
You hear me pray;
It's just one way
For me to say,
How 're you?

If you should hear me
Say Shalom,
Don't assume
You heard a Jew,
I'm only offering
Peace to you.

If you should hear
Don't be amused,
I'm not Hindu,
I bow to the good
I see
in you.

Then again I say
Waz sup,
You don't think
I'm  Gangsta,
You know I mean to say
Les hang togetha.

Does it really matter
What you heard;
The silent or the spoken word.
Words spoken in brevity
Are heard with sincerity;
But there's none more true,
I Love You.
Towela Kams Jan 2015
"As a Christian, what is it that you have to offer to this world?"

Quiet? Yeah. I felt the same earlier on today.
Think about it. Pray about it.
Be blessed,x .
Fellow saints, I pray your mind ponders on this everyday and in everything you say/do. Shalom.
Last night I woke in a cold sweat.
Heart slamming against chest,
facing sharp, hard regret.
In my dreams I was in bed with you,
in a great white house.
Just across the hall, was the King of the Jews.
A petrifying dream. I had a ******* while Jesus ate the last supper across the hall. I was filled with lust while he begged me to walk with him.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
it is a post-human resistance to still-born meat,
the floccinaucinihilipilification of the catholic retreat;
another God disguised to look like me.

— The End —