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Alio Dec 2022
I want to go to the gym
I want to run on the treadmill
I want to burn off all my fat
and burn off all my skin
I want to lean out of my window
and puff the cigar that’s collecting dust downstairs
I want to slip ***** in my drinks
and sit in the below-zero weather
I want to feel a different kind of warmth
I want to fill my lungs with a different kind of air
A different kind of burn
I want to learn how to play the piano
I want to take care of my voice
I want to be better with my father
As if I have a choice
I want to be happy
I want to write this down in pen
I want to be free
But, frankly, in the end
Is it really up to me?
Lawrence Hall Dec 2021
Lawrence Hall

                          Late at Night on Christmas Eve

After breakfast with a friend
After setting up for a family luncheon
After a family luncheon that never seemed to end
After cleaning up after a family luncheon
(and that, too, never seemed to end)
After a moment of sitting and thinking with wife and child
After opening gifts (with dachshunds and cats)
After sharing gifts (with dachshunds and cats)
After keeping dachshunds and cats from eating the tree ornaments
After watching Judy Garland sing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
After sitting exhausted with a therapeutic episode of The Office
You realize
The day wasn’t so bad
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
Christmas past
is always framed
with melancholic gilt
though its broad strokes show
no love held is ever truly lost

Christmas present
as the Polaroid is shook
takes time to reveal itself
best when pressed in the pages
of the whole story

Christmas future’s binary
seems pixel cold, clinical,
bed-ridden fears looming
but, my dears, don’t fret:
we’ll get what we deserve
Francie Lynch Dec 2020
Strange guests appear on Christmas Eve,
Entities, more real than seems;
And POTUS soon will get three visits,
From three well-known, transparent spirits,
That call as an unholy host.
Stormy, his first ghastly ghost,
Then Moscow Mitch to **** his boast;
But the ghost of Christmases to come,
Is New York's Vance; there's scary fun.
Dave Robertson Dec 2020
The Eve watching Flash Gordon together
through gaudy chocolate wrappers
that made no difference to the crackling lunacy

The Eve as a coiled-spring eighteen year old
tumbling hoarse from the pub, through shining cold,
to the timed warmth of home and snuck pastry

The Eve lost to tears as a young man
penniless, heartbroke, falling,
safety-net caught, in hindsight

Tomorrow there will be another trail left,
from pillowcase to clues written in wit and love
that lead to presents I still hold tight
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2018
On this precious day
May your smile shine bright.
The best of gifts-
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Mounds upon mounds.
What ever the weather.
The best of gifts wrapped not in paper,
Fancy knots or bows.
But of skin.
These happy memories one of many.
Full of footsteps & voices.
Good cheer but a candle.
Flickering against the shadows,
This precious day but a wick,
Dwindling in bright red.
I find much comfort in every thought.
Each kiss.
Snuggled warm and tight in the many memories soon to come.
The best gift.
Taken out the box bright for all to see.
Your lips parting to show the most beautiful of snow.
Let it snow
Kirke Wise Dec 2018
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the coop
Not a creature was stirring, because of the chicken ****.
The scratch grains were flung on the floor with great care,
In hopes that soon they would eat some better fare.

The chickens were nestled all snug in their nest,
While they pondered which worms tasted the best.
With their mom in some soup, and dad lunch meat,
Their high tech coop simply couldn't be beat.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from the perch to see what was the matter.
Away to the window, they flew like a flash,
Peering through the pane as they heard another smash.

The LED spotlights on the coop outside,
Gave a midday luster to make it hard to hide.
When what to their wondering eyes they all saw,
But imprints in the snow of a large predator's paw.

With other tracks spotted, they all took a vote,
Then they knew in a moment it must be a Coyote.
More rapid than eagles his cousins they came,
And he howled, and yodeled, and called them by name!

"Now Coy-dasher! now, Coy-dancer! now, Coy-prancer and Coy-*****!
On, Coy-comet! On, Coy-cupid! on Coy-donner and Coy-blitzen!
To the top of the coop! To the top of the fence!
A fresh chicken meal! We will soon dispense!"

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky.
So up to the coop-top the cousins they flew,
With snarling teeth, for some "chicken stew".

And then, in a twinkling, the hens heard on the roof
Much prancing and pawing and it was no spoof.
And I as the "farmer" now checked my phone,
Because an SMS text made the situation known.

The varmints were dressed in fur, some mangy in spots,
I knew that soon they would be having second thoughts.
Wiring, and controls that a coyote can't hack,
Made a pest-proof coop, impervious to attack.

Their eyes-how they twinkled! The electric fence made a flurry!
The predator deterrents had reacted in a hurry!
Their growling mouths now drew up like a little bow,
As their fur turned white from the highly conductive snow.

The stump in the yard was an early warning device,
To detect all the varmints that the fowl would entice .
Sound masking systems had been activated too,
As well as an outdoor alert lamp which flashed red and blue.

The Alpha coyote was chubby and plump, like a jolly old elf,
Or rather an elf who had inadvertently electrocuted himself!
with glazed over eyes and a writhing head,
Soon gave me to know the fowl had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, and abandoned his work,
With an unfilled stomach, he turned with a ****.
spotting me now outside, he immediately stood still,
Then the crack of my .22, and the echo from the hill.

He sprang to the ground, to his team gave a howl,
And away they all ran away with no taste for fowl.
And I heard the rooster, as they ran out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

DEC 2014 by Kirke Wise
Just a quirky little remix that I did of that famous poem. Except in chicken form.
Dazed Dreaming Dec 2017
As light crept into my bedroom window..
I slowly blinked my tired eyes open..
I instantly regretted waking up again without you..
I remembered that this time last year you were with me... In my arms and I remember feeling...
Whole... Complete...
Thanking the heavens for you...

But here I lie once again without you..
Wondering where you are...
And if you're thinking about me...

I wonder if my heart will ever forget to remember.....
That I can't remember to forget you....
Mayank Ricky May 2017
Day in and Day out !!
I walk down the same neighborhood
street laced with black and green patches.
And each day,
I rummage through my thoughts
of where I belong
where you have gone.
My happiness isn't tied to the
amount of money you left or
the money I make or amount of
friends I have.
I fine being alone and away
from the demands people tend
to put on themselves.
Live is tough enough.
So, Be there !! .
A wish for my angel guardian !!
The Calm Dec 2016
Dear Homeless man
I see you standing there alone
Empty and probably hopeless with no place to call home

The winter cold breathe's on you it's icy kiss
It adds to the pain doesnt it?
To the voice of hoplessness beckoning you to death's dark abyss

Dear homeless man, why do you make me so afraid ?
You're one of God's children and I should be lending you aid
Dear homeless man I don't even know your name
As I wait for a green light feeling selfish,  uncaring and ashamed.

Dear homeless man, don't give up hope
Don't ever become a hopeless man
You probably wonder, if God is so good why doesn't he answer me ?
The birds of the air and the fish of the sea he takes care of
But what about me?

Dear Homeless man, I can't describe to you the emptiness I feel
As I look at you and imagine what you go through, your struggle your world so...real.

My immediate response is to raise my hand and for you say a prayer
My physical response is for you to shed a tear
God said that I would do for the least of I do the same thing to Jesus and for you I did not take care of
Is this what I do to the Lord above ?
To his creation? That's the only question on my imagiation, as I drive home it's a steady fixation as I think, wow me, a christian , certainly this will lead to damnation....

Dear Homeless man I'm sorry,
I wish I could drive you to my home and take you in.
Tell you about Jesus, I know you know that life is tough but I'll tell you how through him you can win
How the cause for your dilemna is through man and his sin but death didn't win
I wish I could show you a new day right now but hopefully through my prayer at that traffic light , hope will reach in.
To the homeless man standing on Orleans street in Baltimore Maryland right after Johns Hopkins Hospital, God bless and I'm sorry I can't help. I hope God blesses you
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