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Richard Martin Apr 2018
Defining Lego Moment? What is that, I don’t own one!
Life growing up was unacceptable – it was chemical and dispensable
My life has never been a bed-and-breakfast - early childhood memories got me ill and susceptible
Tryin’ to find a good early childhood memory is like NOT passing “the test”, because I wasn’t in class. So I ask, what’s next?
Defining moments were replaced by worries and doubts, fears and shouts
My, oh my, why couldn’t I have been brought up in someone else’s house?  
I’m just me. So why can’t anyone see I’ve got dreams I want to turn into reality?
I know, maybe I’m adopted! Oh, I could only wish that I belonged to a different home
So who knows, maybe I’m supposed to grow old in a world where survival is at the core of my bones
Future me, I hope that you see, I’m not like them, nor do I ever want to be “like them”

-----------------Fast forward to today ---------------------

I thank GOD for the life I was given and the road that was driven
I’m here because of those dreams which started out as fears - I’m what I am because of those years
I know that I wouldn’t’ be here if it wasn’t for those days of dysfunction and tears
I’m at a junction in my life - I’ve realized that my unction in life is an exponential function that shines like a bright light
My tears have been replaced with people who are sincere and true
I no longer have to worry about the black and blue, now I can simply wave ado…
So I chose to become not what I saw, but what I knew was right in my heart. I leaned on God and learned from stressful nights that choosing the road less taken was all part of this plight
And here we are today….
Now, what does this say, about me?
It says that I’m a child of Destiny, not a child of Disney
It says that I’m a child of God not a child of the Devil
It says that I am…
Predestined presently, sensibly created even though I didn’t come from the best pedigree...
Slam Poetry
Richard Martin Apr 2018
Pound for pound I’m like an ounce away from being great
But an ounce is starting to feel like a 3-pound paperweight
I look around and all I see and hear is fake
There ain’t enough silicone in the world for “them” to take shape

They say the sky is the limit
So I’m building me a scraper that I can escape to when I need a minute
The world is ******* me off lately - let’s face it
People are filled with hatred and most just fake it

My perspective is my own I write down what I know - it’s how I grow
I’m not trying to break the mold, I’m just trying to be bold
I don’t like it when people brag about themselves – I think they sold their souls
I surround myself with friends and followers, not gold!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take your money;
It’s funny how the world turns, but I don’t do what I’m told
It only takes once or twice to realize that fire burns
After a while the fire turns - I quit playing with it, but you don’t
Richard Martin Apr 2018
This is my plea; this is MY submission
So I petition you to stay away from vain tradition
It’s rudimentary my dear Christians!
Follow Jesus not man, don’t listen to magicians

The inscription was handwritten on my heart
Its perfection has forever been positioned
Jesus was not a politician, so why place restrictions?
Where’s the distinction?

This isn’t a competition
There’s only the affliction of a life spent in derision
The road less traveled can be protection, reflection, and salvation;
This is my position:
You can put a gun to my head wish me dead and I still won’t regret my decision - to follow Jesus!
Richard Martin Apr 2018
Technology is a speck in my eye that I have to address
If I have one more thing to check I’m gonna get upset
This speck is growing - it’s causing me undue stress
My mind is swirling, but I’m still obsessed

I want to take a break from this mess
Social media **** addiction
Life is a mirror I’m just a reflection
The real I isn’t found in this prism

How many accounts do I need?
How many times should I tweet?
Why do people not like me or my posts when I post a selfie?
How come people don’t comment when I say help me?

Countless minds all kept at bay
Wrapped up like gifts on Christmas day
Follow me, says Steve – love Technology
Just don’t do like I do - because I don’t believe

Buy what I’m selling you, it’s called peace of mind
Here, take another hit, it will blow your mind!
Jobs is a dealer we’re all buyers
But **** it, I’m done feeling so dire!

Stuck in the mire, weird desires
I want my mind back - I want to re-acquire it
Psychological bullets rain their gunfire
I just want to be free – just want to be me

How do I get out of the tech penalty line?
Which course should I take which number is mine?
Never immune but I want to dance to a different tune
So, goodbye tech, goodbye world, goodbye “life”, hello soul!
Richard Martin Apr 2018
Oh my God you are the highest power
Nothing else can stand nothing else can tower
Oh my God you are unconditional love
You sent your Son; for us he shed his blood

Now I am about to lay me down
But before I do I reminisce about then and now
How you saved my life from terrible things
I been flying clipped but with working wings

I know that in you I am found
The rest of life has its upside downs
It’s you I seek and you know me best
I’m filled with peace when I’m in your rest

The truth is not that you don’t exist
The truth is that you love and you forgive
Truth comes in a variety of ways
And I know for a fact that Jesus saves

You never change, you stick to the letter
I am slowly changing but for the better
Don’t worry about me yesterday only remember
That I am alive and well and fully surrendered

So give your life to God today
Or continue your lonely path of pain
As sorrow shouldn’t be met with joy
I lament and give God my life to employ

You’ll begin to see things in a new light
Don’t be afraid to open your eyes
For it’s when you do; that’s when you’ll realize
That God was there waiting for you this whole time
Richard Martin Apr 2018
I find it funny that the power of prayer is something you believed in
Now you can’t even look up to heaven to ask for forgiveness
The devil put you in a bad place - I wish I could be your voice of reason
But the truth is you have to make that decision

The times we had together are just faded memories
Time will tell how things stack up for you and for me
I’m glad we lived and laughed and loved at times
But change is constant and we each wanted different lives

Life ain’t easy - so I sleep with my regrets
Time is fleeting but you still find God hard to digest
I remember a time where you used to love God
I remember a season where prayed and felt delivered  

The person you are today is not the person you were meant to be
I’m not saying I know everything, but I’ll comment on what I see
You messed around with depression now it’s got you feeling empty
It’s sad for me to see you as a child of God who lost their identity

I pray for you that you would let God heal your heart
I was in the same boat as you but God’s grace pulled me out
The water only seems to get deeper the more you fight
But if you let God rule in your heart he’ll shine and you’ll be bright… again…
Richard Martin Dec 2013
On a day when men have paid,
The cost of soul for war,
The heaven sends its' rain,
As a testimonial,

The cost is high; the price to die,
Yet so many shed their blood,
Some by night or by fair sky,
But those appointed grace the mud,

Past our understanding, so is our destiny,
To live or die, tis not our own; owning is conquering,
For men to die for freedom's cry tis the finest chivalry,

Once was the battle cry of these very men,
Now in mud their crimson blood paints the winding way,
A prey for birds, their bodies burn and turn to dust again,
Who would know that it would rain today?

On blood stained ground the rain drops pound,
They hit their mark once more,
The drums are heard all around,
As they play again for war!
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