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Arden Feb 2019
to all the claiming to be Christians
using Gods name as a reason for your hatred

where is your God
how can you say that God is love
but claim that you hate in his name
how you say God doesn't make mistakes
but hate people who are different

I think you need to read that scripture again
John 8:7 "he who is without sin cast the first stone"
matthew 7:1 "condemn not and you shall not be condemned
romans 13:10 "Love does no harm to thy neighbor therefore
love is the fulfillment of the law"
1 John 2:9 "anyone who claims to be in the light but still hates a brother or sister is in the dark"
proverbs 10:12 "love covers all sin"
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
We are a huge nation of modernity
With a convenient sense of equality
That lets us hold hand on heart
And before the game will start
Talk about the land of the free
Yet apply those words selectively.
This same kind of mindless fool
Urges others to live the Golden Rule.

You, not me!
It’s the land of the free.
I get to do
Whatever pleases me.
You, not me!
If your behavior falls short,
You offend me,
I will take your **** to court!

Women complain about men
Who show too much skin
In speedos at the beach
But what do they teach
In their skimpy bathing suits
And augmented **** to boot?
They condemn the sins of others
Then go on to become mothers.

You, not me!
It’s the land of the free.
I get to do
Whatever pleases me.
You, not me!
If your behavior falls short,
You offend me,
I will take your **** to court!

Christians preach of Jesus
As if they mean to tease us
With their knowledge of religion
But never make it their mission
To read the book they tout
And know so little about.
Like any other carpetbagger
And good for nothing lollygagger.

It’s embarrassing to hear
Words painful to the ear;
The disgusting propaganda
Like ***** on his big veranda
Talking about good old days
When they could beat and flay
And feed human beings slop.
As if the war had never stopped.

You, not me!
It’s the land of the free.
I get to do
Whatever pleases me.
You, not me!
If your behavior falls short,
You offend me,
I will take your **** to court!
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
If you want freedom to fail
You’re the one should be in jail.
Wave the flag and bang the drum
Let’s make changes to support freedom.

If you hate because of skin
You’re the one preaching sin.
Set your course upon the Constitution.
Make your mind up to show your resolution.

If you think rights are about race
You’re the one we should replace.
Play the fife and set the marshal rhythm.
The time has come to march right over them.

If you look down upon the poor
You’re a disease we need to cure.
Search your heart and let’s agree,
We must enact the rules of propriety.

If you sneer because you’re rich
You’re the caste we need to pitch.
We’ve seen it throughout our history
What comes of those who practice infamy.

If you think you’re superior
That’s solid proof you’re the inferior.
No matter how the bigots drone,
By their actions they will be known.

If you feel you must beat your child
Then you are still and animal in the wild.
If you use your fists to teach.
Your righteousness is out of reach

If you feel you must beat your spouse
You are truly not a man, you are a mouse.
Truth before and still this year.
Beat me and you've nothing I wish to hear.
An argument isn’t fairly won
If they have to reach for a gun.
Some may say might makes right
But that can’t stand up to the light.

Government and church must be
Totally separate now and for eternity.
Two words that deserve derision
Are these two words: state religion.

Our human rights simply have to be
The undisputed rule of law universally.
We know it’s true, we all saw
Billy clubs and fire hoses, used by law.

If you think equality is wrong
You’re the reason for this song.
And we sing it loud, hear, hear!
And we will sing that song as a jeer.

If you hate because of skin
You’re the one preaching sin.
Somebody surely must have lied
When enemies claim god's on their side.

If you think rights are about race
You’re the one we should replace.
You think racism is heaven-kissed
You can move away. You won’t be missed.

Progress is a gift from the wise.
It cannot happen if we worship lies.
Our home will fail to stand
If we build the foundation on sand.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017

There were no people of color, they'd pick on redheads.

If there were no redheads they would pick on people with glasses.

If there were no people with glasses they’d pick on fat people.

If there were no fat people, they’d pick on welfare recipients.

If there were no welfare recipients, they’d pick on non-Christians.

If there are no non-Christians around,  they'll pick on Catholics.

If there are no Catholics around they'll pic on Christians from any denomination except theirs.  

If there are none of those around, they'll pick on college graduates.

Obladee, obladah, yeah! Yadda yeah, the list goes on...

(The same thing applies with Non-Christian bigots. Just change a word here and there.)

Bigots are bigots
No matter what the name
The underhanded tactics
Are all just the same.
They are heartless and evil.
That’s the name of their game.
They are social criminals and
Look for someone else to blame.
Brent Kincaid Jul 2017
We are allowed to be unkind
To the sick, the deaf and the blind.
We gladly toss them into a ditch.
They don't matter; They are not rich.
We giggle and count what we’ve got
Laugh uproariously at those who have not.
We call our poor neighbors our inferiors
Because having money makes one superior.

It also works the same with every race.
Supremacy is about the color of your face.
It starts there and moves to include nationality.
Only Caucasian Americans match our reality.
Sure non-whites can pick our cotton for us
But, as for equality, the concept will bore us.
It says in the Bible you have to be from here
And white and Protestant, those words are clear.

And this stuff about **** and lesbians too
Not one word of that civil rights stuff is true.
My preacher told me gay people are abomination.
That’s why us Republicans support segregation.
That's some of what is wrong with our schools
Somebody has been listening to communist fools.
We need to get back to the good way things were
Before all this equality stuff was allowed to occur.

I tell you the truth, this stuff totally makes me burn.
I mean, these college-warped hippies need to learn
That this country is a Christian one, since beginning
So, we don’t want this equality stuff you’re selling.
Just shine our shoes and park our expensive cars
And we’ll tip you a little bit and there you are;
Right there in the place all of you ought to be;
Freedom is for us rich whites, it’s American history.
Brent Kincaid Feb 2017
You say because I am not a Christian
That means I am totally bound for Hell?
Mostly those who claim to be Christian
Behave in such a way you could never tell.

You say because I'm gay I am unnatural,
That I am surely the Devil's tool?
You're upset I am the way God made me?
The way I see it you are the fool.

You say Jews and Muslims are disgusting,
And you look to them to place all your blame.
All three religions are the followers of Abraham,
And much of what they believe is the same.

You say women are possessions like cattle
And are required to walk three steps behind.
If You agree to treat people like chattel
You can't expect others to be blind.

Almost all religions agree on one thing,
Stealing is a basic kind of sin.
But if you use your money to bribe people off
It's not a righteous life you're living in.

You say you want America back
Exactly he way it used to be
Back when women had no rights
And we based our wealth on slavery?

You say you believe all men should
Be free, with inalienable rights?
But some of them should not vote
Or even be allowed out at night?

You say you retain the right to decide
Who gets to do what and where?
Read that to me in the Constitution.
I don’t remember it being there.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Poor old Clarence Posey
His neighbors are so nosey.
They peek in through
His windows and
They catch him wearing hosie.

They don’t come in
They just stay out
They stay judgmental;
They scoff and pout.
They have no pleasant
Words to say.
They run through all
Synonyms of gay.

Pity Clarence Posey
His neighbors are too nosey.
No matter which
Fabric he likes to wear
They dislike what he chosie.

It isn’t like
They dress themselves
Some way that could
Be seen as flattering.
They’ve guts and butts
Like barnyard stock.
To see them naked
Would be a shock.

Poor old Clarence Posey
His neighbors are all nosey.
They’re nothing but
Awful aunties
That catch him wearing *******.
Brent Kincaid Jan 2017
Our God is really excellent
At death and genocide.
How we love to celebrate
How many folks have died.
We always feel better about life
And the wonderful heavenly joy
When we’ve murdered some foreigner's wife.
Or when we put to death girls and boys.

It is so commendable of humans
To execute those who are different
Or if they commit the cardinal sin
Of being some kind of sick dissident
Who refuses to do what we want
Like maybe lying down and acquiescing
Or refusing to shut up and play along with
Our political posturing and window dressing.

And is is all sacred and very holy;
Every bit of it is hidden by claims
That all genocide and bigotry
Is committed in our God’s name,
Unless the genocide and prejudice
Is directed anywhere near us.
The we whip out our Bibles and cry
And make a self-righteous fuss.

The Golden Rule applies to all
Except heathens and non-Caucasians.
And then it’s a noose, SWAT team or
At least an *** for every occasion.
Because killing people is terrible;
It is simply not the proper way
To deal with all of life’s issues,
Unless we want to, then it’s okay.

And all of it is by The Good Book
If the right verses are selected.
The American Bible is written to insure
The right people are not neglected.
And everyone should worship
And join the Living God’s legions
And be exactly like he lived life:
A blond-haired, blue eyed Norwegian.
Brent Kincaid Nov 2016
We all could have equal rights
If the world would only grant them.
We could all sing a brand-new
A truly joyous national anthem.
We could sing about at last
The words of the Constitution
Finally will match with reality
Without another revolution.

This is the tale of the autocrats
And how they got badly out of hand.
They decided they knew more about
Things they could never understand.
They decided they knew better than
The people with proper education.
So they elected their supporters to
Lay waste to their own fine nation.

This is a morality tale about greed
And what it can do to men’s minds;
That turns them to skulduggery
And makes them act as if they’re blind
To reason, decency and even honor
Taking advantage of the weakest
Who then grow weaker by the hour.

As many times in history, they promise
A shopping list of impossible dreams
And the weak think they’ll come true,
Say reality is not quite what it seems.
They think by listening to carpetbaggers
They will all get rich and supported
By each elected lying *******.
But those dreams are soon aborted.

For a while they believe the woes
Are made by their predecessors.
They’l blame the losers, the gays
The blacks and finally the electors.
They won’t question themselves
About the choices they all made.
By then the path of doom and death
Will be almost permanently laid.
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