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Nat Lipstadt May 2014
Lactate motto naku smile.

this poem,
for my friend, who has hit the road,
in ways others only think they have done or know,
miss her firecracking wizardy,
she, the only inky reason
still talk to god,
to cover all the bases,
employ every tool and invention,
to make sure you are a-ok alright,
on the journey to an unknown destination


Lactate motto naku smile
That is Apple talk.

My Apple language master
señor spell check,
thus advised and improved upon me,
way back on April 3rd of this year.

I wrote:
"last attempt to make you smile."

Apple translated my ginger finger snap taps
into American English as
"Lactate motto naku smile"

Stumbled on this oath, this midnight eve,
this phrase, duly nated and nested,
amidst our very long exchanges,
which someday soon,
am going to edit excerpt
as one most readable single poem,
a tribute to you, not,
that you, my traveling friend,
you already greedy got

no, just a dialogue
just a par example,
of how friendships are born,
how words lactate from each of our *******,
how relationship are birthed and nutured,
in a crazy place, where language lovers
are the nuclei of a dying breed,
once called the human place

***, back in ancient history,
way back on Sept. 29th
our first communication
tween our mutual alien races
tee hee, me wrote first
as follows

Each individual word,
was a separate message,
for such devices deserved of self-respect,
sometimes want their power demonstrated
on a stand alone basis and here that follows was how
Presented and Conceived

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013

Nat Lipstadt  Sep 29, 2013
Can a man fall in love with a name?

you permissioned me a
multiplicity of yeses,
thus began our star trekked voyage
in the stellar spatial space of the
galaxy of humanity

but part of your new trajectory,
a new orbit in a new spaceship
you champagne smashed anointed as

Now I know you hate my habit,
of slipping in a definition,
making the lazy reader
but I grant, nay, take this liberty, I dew,
while in your quiet traveling disappearance time

is a female name stemming from the Latin word mirabilis, meaning "wondrous" or "of wondrous beauty"

what ya know, ** **,
nothing could be fina,
than to be in your minda,
nothing more apropos,
than calling your ship in Latina,
a wondrous female beast of beauty

ok I know I go on too long
as is my wont, my nature,
but I could not shorten my course,
in any other way,
I miss ya terribly*

somewhat more succinctly
but what fun would that be?
Please be safe wherever you are... my Indian chieftess or as Apple would have me write chief tests!
Viji Vishwanath Nov 2019
Motto is my logo
Intention is my motto
Success is my intention
Key is my success
Hard work is my key
Will power is my hard work
Confidence is my will power
Hope is my confidence
Belief is my hope
God is my belief
Courage is my God.
Motto is my logo
she's no deva of mine
no caterpillar concubine
no cocoon consort
no butterfly  courtesan
she's four tigresses in one
suckling, wandering, denned and leashed
And I'm following the track of them all
She's my white tigress of Nanjing
and though I haven't ever practiced kungfu nor qigong
I have applied to be her jade dragon
Or at least one of her green dragons
In order to help her to reach one of her nine illuminations.
So I fused my qi and ching and  shen
and turned myself into a Knight of the Order of the Porcupine
and offered to gently tatoo with my quills
Her *******
with a motto of invisible yet immortal ink saying :
"Qui s'y frotte s'y pique"
Written phonetically [kisifrotsipik].
I thought because I sat just like a buddha
I was at that moment a buddha
I thought that if I breathed like a green or jade dragon
She'd let me have a bite at her immortality.
No way, my tigress said :
You just can't be and have been
Talon Robinson Jun 2019
Take your own advice
Don't just give it to others
See if it works
Live without regrets
That's mine
I should take it to
Never live thinking
What if
That's always been my fear
That the what if's
Are the suppose to be's
Life can only tell you no
Then you can go on
Maybe I should
Live life to the fullest
Get rid of the what if's
And go with what I feel
Someone recently convinced me
Listen to yourself
Because you listeb to your gut
And follow your own path
That leads to your own happiness
So I'll start with my motto
And stop having "what if's"
Because some what if's
Are should haves
Juno Jun 2019
“There’s always hope”,
she said, as
she turned away
to battle.

“There’s always hope”,
I whisper, now.
Though it doesn’t
Seem like that at all.

“You have no chance”,
They said,
Towering high
Above me.

I know.

But that won’t stop me.
Heather Ann Oct 2018
1; fear will not **** you, but it can eat you alive and make your insides rot.

2;you must allow yourself to thaw before you can melt--the cold was meant to allow you to feel your own heartbeat. don't ignore it

3; you are alive, even if just barely. make sure to lift your eyes to the sun to know that it still shines even amongst the dark.

4; breathe in with your nose and out through your mouth. you are a passageway for ancestral air and you should take that responsibility seriously.

5; your blood is not special, nor is it ordinary.

6; it is only by chance that you are here. a line of perfectly timed decisions birthed you--remember why you're here.

7; look at the mountains. they were here before you and will be long after you're gone. one day you will become the air that surrounds it.

8; you can lose your footing, but don't despair. sometimes you fall into a new path and it's like breathing in clarity you've never once known.

9; listen to what you're body tells you, it knows you better than you think.

10; when everything turns to dust remember you have the ability to start over. it cannot harm you to wipe the slate clean
no diminution in tiredness arose
gnome hatter how off tin ma dis bows
Zoe let his bot tee succumb,
     via mental application

     of autogenic phrases
     and/or counting crows
cuz upon awakening,
     aye immediately wanted ta doze,

thus this artful dodger hankered to expose
extreme cockamamy idea incumbent,
     where corporeal essence gets froze
zen, the scientific procedure named

     emergency preservation
     and resuscitation (EPR)
     more familiarly known
     as suspended animation

     pursuant under the appellation cryogenics,
     where living tissue no longer grows
old, a wishful yearning
     approximating immortality i sup hose,

yet this copacetic drowsy
     generic human struggled in vain
     trying with utmost effort to stay awake
     Swiss to hobnob among urbane

feeling helpless (fearing
     he might be narcoleptic),
     nonetheless aye didst train
intent concentration

     (and/or feeble exertion mustered)
     to swat away worrisome thought
     this hypochondriac,
     could be afflicted with mononucleosis

since lassitude less likely sprung
     from overcast and rain
knee skies, which type weather
     generally energies me
to conjure a quatrain
sometimes complex versus
     written straight away plain
panacea hit upon finally

     to ward off sleepiness,
     whereby literary endeavor
     boosted by a strong brew
namely fair trade

     manufactured coffee chew
zing among socially conscious entities,
     and hoping to do
some dollop of positivity

     without fanfare I eschew
to fulfill personal hue
man conscientious anonymous impact
     that some benefit will en sue.
Richard Martin Apr 2018
This is my plea; this is MY submission
So I petition you to stay away from vain tradition
It’s rudimentary my dear Christians!
Follow Jesus not man, don’t listen to magicians

The inscription was handwritten on my heart
Its perfection has forever been positioned
Jesus was not a politician, so why place restrictions?
Where’s the distinction?

This isn’t a competition
There’s only the affliction of a life spent in derision
The road less traveled can be protection, reflection, and salvation;
This is my position:
You can put a gun to my head wish me dead and I still won’t regret my decision - to follow Jesus!
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
I’m trying to make my own sun
If not, succeeded

Then, I will, self be it.
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Life’s motto | This drives me.
Jas Feb 2018
It's hard to notice small achievements when your mind is set awaiting impatiently on the end result.
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