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Smiling Queen Aug 2019
Better to come,
Worst has gone.
Dusk was harsh,
Welcome cheerful dawn.

~your smiling queen :)
Something better has to come.
Just wait for it.
By the way Tommorow is my birthday, what can be better than that.
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
striving to achieve
my joy and happiness
makes me cheerful.
Juhlhaus Apr 2019
Today I saw a happy face
With silent music behind the eyes
And a spring in her step;
Gray earth and skies
And storm forecast, no matter.
Elizz Mar 2019
Lately it's been tasting like a starfish
Dipped in starfruit

Coating my tongue like fresh strawberries
Chocolate follows after

Because things have been so busy
The main avenue of fifth street in new york
Caramel for slow days


Bits of sunshine when you're nearby
But I've managed to do without
The strong flavor of black tea

With a pinch of chai
And a favored glimmer of lemon
I haven't been around much

I'm sorry for that things have been
Hectic to say the least
An enjoyable

Fast paced briskness
I think I'm back now for a while at least

Lift that smile
Brighten those eyes

Cheery notes play throughout the skies
Hey its been a while. How ya doing?
Quotedbykayla Dec 2018
Yearned is thy cheerfulness to wax
a particle within thee,
stuck be not
Donna Oct 2018
I saw some purple
blooms and it cheered up autumn
with big happy smiles
Happy Pretty Autumn  :)
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
What would it
feel like? lets put our thinking
caps on just meditate, Poem up-
sophisticated? let's negotiate
Feeling light-heavy-weight
(Songs to Orchestrate),
But without a nameplate
Poem alive to her heart rate  
*        *        *        *        *        *
Am I seeing stars without you?
The same,  old thing copycat styles,
Who is up-be the first one today
Wake up today my hand waits for your
  second hand
He will hold your sorrow I recond?
She said:

"I will believe that with poem up tomorrow"

Bring an appetite and
your face smile over the yonder yellow
But the good thing, no diamond
ring fancy

The Likewise complacency
Her heartfelt sewed into a stitch
'He tried the tender loving care
But tomorrow it couldn't be switched

  The poem inside illusions turns out
to be  real or fake can you tell
I truly love my mornings
But you're the dark one at night
Like her flowers for funerals but
without a bad night

Happy marriages
surprise for only you
Her pansies purple dots
Hot pink hair
Don't forget me not

The words had no rhythm- you
know exactly how his body flows
His cool breeze walk
Even today like a kid with his chalk
And getting up the next
twenty-four hours if_ tomorrow
didn't exist any more fun hours?
How things (Pop up) like him
With my 'Poem up'
To gaze at to inspect so much to jot down
My bucket list

There's a place for me to go all day
Picnicking the fun "Jubilee" the feel-good
but If? It was the crazy eight company

I felt doomed OH! Jeez

( Transformational)

A poem of prose sensational
The image Rose corsage with a poem
The fictional King or Queen
stand confidently not to sit

Someone's miracle will never happen
Poem up no tomorrow -without a heart
to shine on glisten

We didn't light the candle we forgot
Imperfections they stay with us
Without perception what will be with us

The pictorial starts to play we wanted
something simple each and every day
to wake up too----?
Taking someone's breath away

To the infinite all over the website
but who will see it tomorrow
Wrapping your arms to be loved
The people have not been loved

And here to the (Eternity)
One day creation we
live the gravity
There are so many people we
don't know anything
about like strangers
walking in the night
Poem up text

They flew their poem warm nest
'Robin's' somehow but where?
Fireworks up my heroes
Those are the true men July 4th realism

Never the word softly
communicated or
killing her softly
A poem is here to stay every day
But when today we spoke  
You just about woke
Long inhale smoke I told you
to stop take a fresh breath of air
Today post your poem up
tomorrow "My Fair Lady"

Please kiss your family today
not tomorrow to feel sorrow
A plethora of your
words might have felt like many
But it was the quality not
the quantity

Tomorrow he's the power tie
  The poem piece of words pie
You were neatly pressed
all steamed like your fresh
French dark roast coffee

"The Titanic" crew
always something
reminds us of others
We are stretched to the oblivion

Like the rain in Spain stays mainly
in the plain make it simple

Another memory of emotional
timeout for
A nice poem up gives us a reason
to cheer

We wake up Mom is there
she is always everywhere
Her smile she is in your heart every mile

Reframe your thinking
The men looking at your dress
Poem up, tomorrow without
anything to confess
Quite a cupcake lemon
You are my sunshine
Poem up Bunny hop the
Carrot sharp eyes
Like a key lime pie

Strength is a gift like
a poem up
all thumbs up

Three separate columns
Like the Italian Colesium
I was thankful to see the world
Sometimes there are
no tomorrows
So make the best of the poem day
This is a poem up feel good a cheer wanted every moment to stay never leave its scary about the next day that how I feel I want so much to live each day to be happy not in tears is that what you want to let me know were friends open up
Lillian May Jun 2018
was a curious

                     She     imagined
                           years of delightful excitement
                                       unexpected carelessness
        she was a creature of surprising energy
I wrote this and it ended up reminding me of a friend. So now I call her Daisy :)
forestfaith Jun 2018
This day you have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yet again, you gave me a chance. I will rejoice and be grateful of it!
Another day to feel your presence! I look forward to the day ahead!
to God
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