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BaileyBuckels Sep 2016
As I bounce my leg to the beat of a song,
I can tell this will take long,
As I sing with the choir,
Being roasted on a fire,
Laughing with the crowed,
We're getting loud.
for Justin in creative writing class
BaileyBuckels Jul 2016
With the lines that cross her wrists
and the blood pooling from her veins
you'd think she was normal
you'd think she was sane

Cheer captain and class president
and the awards for best actress  
You'd think she was prefect
You'd think she learned from the best.

Her Mama, a saint. Her father a sailor,
She twists and twirls in the breeze.
Crying for the days of yesteryear
and the people she left behind.

Its all a dream, she isn't sane.
She never was.
She lost it all, and isn't turning back.
She isn't going home.

They found her body, broken and dismembered, under a bridge and you can see the last tears she cried etched into her makeup. Crying and loving and laughing till the last moment when that last breath exited her lips and she left this world. She was never perfect, she wanted you to believe she was. And, boy, she had you going. Its incredible what people will believe if you want them to.  

Goodnight and Farewell my loves
BaileyBuckels May 2015
Thank you for not being rude.
When I joined this website
I was afraid of criticism
Because I'm dyslexic and
I can spell
But nobody has been
Rude about it

I love every single one of you
BaileyBuckels Feb 2015
I try to eat
But I can't
Nor do I want to

I can't keep it down
nor does it taste good
I just can't eat
BaileyBuckels Feb 2015
Why does it hurt
so much
BaileyBuckels Feb 2015
It's not something I say often.
I will make that clear.
I am happy your happy.
And that you used to be near.
But now your gone.
And I'm alone.
I lost my best friend that day.
I've done my time.
And need you back.
I'm sorry I hurt you.
But you told me to move on
So I did and now you hate me
So now I'm so so so sorry
BaileyBuckels Jan 2015
I wish I could **** you.
I really do.
But you have my heart
in one hand
And another on my arm.

It's like you wanted
To hurt me.
It's like you didn't care.

I thought better of you.
But I now know
I was wrong.
You told me
You would hurt me
I guess you were right.

I guess I got to move on.
And keep on.
But I don't want to
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