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John Dewberry May 28
Whatcha know
About chastity
I don’t need a belt to
Be loyal
Feel royal
love  ain’t gotta be
A battle royale

Everyone’s an attention *****
Publicity is adored
I abhore your BS
Get away from
My doorstep
My patience
Has a threshold
That you’ve crossed

I ain’t *******
For a ******* dime
If you wanted a mime
Here’s a rhyme instead
I can’t wish you dead
I’m not that petty

Black Daffodil
I knew I'd turned a corner
The first time I made love to
Myself with no regrets

How many times was pleasure
Robbed the moment my mind turned
Back to "normal" again

Chemicals flooding my brain,
Changing me into something
I could not recognize

Lost in a daydream that looked
Like a nightmare to the old
Self I believed in

The moment of ****** tied to
A feeling of remorse, regret,
Disgust and defeat

Over and over again,
Against the God I said I loved!
Against my better judgement!

I'm still in the combat of
Deprogramming to love me
More than anyone can

But every now and then I
Make love to myself like I'm
Christina Aquilera

Like I'm the Goddess that I'm
Learning to become just like
The Mormons said I'd be
Andrew Rueter  May 2017
Fox News
Andrew Rueter May 2017
The teacher stands before her detained class
And from behind her authoritative podium
She equates abortion to the holocaust
A dangerous comparison in an educational garrison
But the other children nodded their heads in agreement
A benefit of having the ear of youth
Is being able to infect it with your own toxic ideology
What bacteria did this ear infection consist of?
Conservatism? Religiosity? Chastity?
The answer was depressingly simple
I was the only one there unaware of Fox News
I was a casualty of the confusion
The confusion engendered
By venom thoughts placing politic-colored glasses
on the entrenched masses
Used to convey anger and hate
Emotions worth conveying
But not living in
The intents and desires of their vulnerable receivers
become an incongruous disaster

What could I have done?
Minds as still as the pharaohs heart
We live in a society where we're all infantilized by one myth
Good and evil
Looking back on what I did do
I didn't do much
But I did do something
I didn't nod my head like a ******* syncophant
I got the golden *****
You know I paid for that
Gold like this don't
Come out no magic hat

A ******* bunny
I've kissed a million John's
Snow white's a dime
A dozen dwarves I've done

I taste fantastic
Like cinnamagic
Hidy ** I'm working up
Some black *****

Like Cardi B
I sing so sweet
A melody
You didn't

Me stripping
Like jesus you
Must be tipping me

Orca whales a tale

You aint I'm flipping me
Back over
And I'm back under

The your dirt
I am the worm
Ashes on your shirt
Dead like you want to be
Make love like you wanted me

You know I'm your freedom
Like an underground whitehead
Call me a shark with ****
I give up that tight head

Locked in a fantasy
Locked like you want to be
Chaste boy, my name is Chastity

Not a **** in sight
Your lost in me
Like you were lost at sea
In my gold *****

I aint no trap
Queen I'll kiss you like you my royalty
I'll be your Harry Styles, you'll be my
Honey Bee

I'm busy for you boy
You better know I'm a sap for you
My honey's dripping down for you
Third Eye Candy May 2013
implosions are for starfish and our mission is clear. we have nowhere to be from
and that's half the battle. we are seldom unbridled in the chastity of our carnal bluff...
and our cages are breathing. we are finally designing our most daring Inertia.
both mum on the details in the devil's flotsam. we jot some of the names of the nameless...
on the outside of Dixie cups. like mint julep promise to a tangerine honest.

again and again, we ache through the breeze of our soothing traumas. we court the verity of a sham.
we blast through the congregation of our adversary, snipping varmints from a stale camp
in the southernmost of our due south,; where they fear the bonfire until a vagrant maps
the flaming tongues to a long kiss.... and we crash upon the shore
of Never Asked.

but regret This.
Ira Aug 2018
Demon Fang and angels wing,
All those below them are to be taunted with string,
They are of the most powerful beings.

Before the Satan and the God,
The seven representatives of each are to be awed.

For David,
He has his son,
Ira, The Sin of Wrath.

For Jesus,
He has his daughter,
Phi, The Virtue of Hope.

Under Wrath,
He has,
And his Trainee,

Under Hope,
She has,
S­he is yet to have a trainee,
But many believe she hopes for it not to be.

Of demon and angel,
Hellspawn is the strongest when all laid out on the table.

As angels use weapons and craft there armor,
Demons fight with magic and fist,
Along with taking hits like common fodder.

Of demon fang and angel wing,
Hellspawn and Human Reflections,
They are opposing each other constantly,
And are the balancing act of reality.
Ehhh... Would Improve but I like it the way it is.
Andrew Rueter Jul 2017
My transcendent transition
Brought by my ****** ambition
Became my personal religion
When I gained a monk's chastity
All my pleas just came back to me
My prayers remain unanswered
Like someone dying of cancer
An inept bow-legged dancer
My skills are useless
My bites are toothless
My eyes are youthless
When my face has been strained
By the energy that was drained
On this ceaseless journey
To sate my ceaseless yearning

They don't look like the pictures they show
They only choose the photos that glow
They're so afraid of being alone
Willing to lie
To lure unsuspecting prey
And trap them in a spider web personality
But webs are useless against grander creatures
And become an annoyance
When all the wildlife
Can only see silk
And get itchy in the effected areas
In our minds we build barriers
In our hearts we grow wearier
Searching for someone to hold us tight at night
Someone that looks right in the light
Someone that helps fight all our plights
Someone to give that tranquil transition
Into that peaceful loving condition
Brody Blue Jan 1
Give me chastity, O Lord,
But please don't give it yet.
There's some things I'd like to do
And not have to regret.
I do pray though, O Father God,
That you are not like man,
But instead a lady, fine,
With loving, gentle hands.
And, if my desire be forbade:
Goddess, sing the rage.

If you wish to have all man
Inside your tender palm,
Flock your prophets to the mount
And tell them they are wrong.
For it was not a warrior clad
With armor and with sword,
But a woman, curious,
Who brought us to be lords.
And a mother's love cannot decay
Goddess, sing the rage

All faithfulness is out our mouths,
Our throats' an open tomb.
We seem to have forgot all
When we came from your womb.
Don't bother resting at our feet,
Your reverence is too great.
Just cast your wrath at our end
When we are at your gate.
And, in death, we'll give our praise
Goddess, sing the rage
Keith Collard Aug 2012
I had a forest tryst
with Amanita,
after it rained,
I went to see her.

Dank and slain,
suited to decompose:
her bed; and as I sank--
in ballet bare-toe
the white angel arose.

She was flawlessly pale,
and 'round her neck,
still, a wedding veil.

she slipped the straps'round her  neck,
befalling her gown at my request,
she slowly turned in place,
for her suitor to inspect,
never did comely beauty,
on Jerusalem bedeck,

On her head sat,
a white dome like cap,
to it her veil was attached,
I could not gaze on her form,
till I got past this piece she worn.

I asked my love,
to doff her bridal wear.
" My love, my groom
wears my chastity belt round my hair."

Then I could not resist,
I brought the veil up,
and gave her a kiss,
a gentle curse,
she spoke to my lips,
in great thirst I sipped,

Alas, then I saw the ring,
she pulled back,
and deep in my eyes she looked in.
through her gown
in the mire I started to sink,

I felt her gown moving through me,
with the poison of her Gothic beauty.
On her spectral white,
not even the fly alights,
I commit suicide twenty times over,
by taking a bite.

She smiled to my fear,
in her eyes, heaps of bones,
and whispered in my ear,
to whom she was betrothed.
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