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Step 1.

Anticipate your audience. (Hi Pam)

Prove it with prudence

Unrelenting self-improvement.

Involuntary inducement (if it's slam)

Step 2.

Recite. Relapse. Reconvene. Review. Recommended.

Be always

obscenely you.

Step 3.

Edit you edict. Transform. Improve. Reprove.

Step 4.


Step 5.


Step 6.


Step 7.

Permit free interpretation.

Wait on high


what happens

upon the sea of words and waves of wisdom and rhythm.
My morning ritual complete.

Say a prayer.

Primed and ready to eat.

Slow down, chum

Else you feel down cast.

Slower. Slower.

Don't look so glum.

Or else breakfast

Will be consumed too fast.

And mireth the day

Yet not complete.

All my life I am tired.

Tired of awaiting the call

tired to wait to be small

Next to another whose tall.

Tired of trying and waiting and doing all my life

in the thrall

of the wait

to challenge the looming debate

and crying my eyes

To sleep.

Too Late.

For time slows to a creep

and winds all my life.

I am tired

and waiting

all my life

to sleep.
Hard day, fearful of tomorrow's own hardship yet optimistic of the future and all it's waiting around. In the meantime I will do.
Oh Frail Heart! Where mine iniquity dwells.
Have you not reach for the sun?
Have you not strength to scale the moon?
My heart, have heart, and do not swoon.
Beelzebub has not cast such clouds yet
That should induce the cry:
Alack! Please take me soon.
Tube, 4 hrs sleep, inspiration/psychotic voice alive again. And nailed in verse.
Sputter Outlaw Apr 2016
Rippled and waxed with want
Flesh un flesh
Desire lines
And drives.

She’s in the backseat
Takes doesn’t placates
Sharp left
She swerves
I swerve (swine)
Not to the right
Flashes, beams of light.

Piercesome lights
Flooding the nights
A Borealis got naught
On this blight.

Shadowed beasts collide.
Oh. Look. Crash.

At the wake.
Desire still breathes.
This time though
On her knees.
Sputter Outlaw Apr 2016
In mid morning dew
Why find you so sullen?
it's of no regret to see
you beacon of blasphemy
when all I's want is
one short
token of indulgency.

Frequent my life
ift you do but dare
respend my strife
if you dost care

weren't it so strange a thing
if by now twere bought a diamond ring
without learning you by now
acquiescent knowledge acsertained
but how?

You are a rose of sorts combined
a fleetful and enormous kind
with skin and flesh delush
mine fitlful longing aflush


Despite all sentiment still obscene
I regail you as my love, my Queen
Sputter Outlaw Apr 2016
Written here lies Death
Stolen from thorny bed
To ohcre hills supreme
Listen, Hark his corny scream.

Where ist thy rest
Thy nest
Thou bubonic plague
Thou quenchless drought
Thou fierant rage

Speaks silent midst of hill
Least silent under my windowsill

Aught but light takes this cheery gill
Not Death’s wide spread
Despite it’s fevered ill
In many minds doth overtake
In simple minds, an earthquake.
But gathered in our princely arms..
Big F You to these ailing qualms.
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