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SammyJoe Jun 2020
My love I can be adaptable
I’ll mould and shape for you
Quite frankly only if you asked
I’ll do anything you want me to.

***** Pretty >>I << promise
to n.E.v.e.r


My ❤ for you will c>o>n>t>i>n>u>e to GROW
my.luv.without.   [you}   .is.a.k{ill}er
my veRsaTiLity for you brings me
}: woe :{

Without you Dark I am truly empty
The vacancy in my hearts always void
You pull at my strings like a puppet
But deep down I love being toyed.

Humour the times we share are hilarious
How on Earth can I live without you
Your the topping on top of my pizza
And the laces that tie up my shoe.

Oh Rhymes my flow when I’m with you
Is the easiest thing that I can do
Around your presence I’m never blue
I know you feel the same way too

StiCKy CaPs I LovE YoU ToO
YoU MeaN ThE WorLD To Me
So SWeeT anD CapTiVaTinG
My HoNey You’LL aLWayS Be

Free Verse your always being you
And I like that your forever buoyant
Sometimes you leave me wondering though
Could there ever be a you and a me?

Random I think I adore you best
Aargh! Wait this is hard I can’t choose..
To win the hearts of all you skills
Is something I don’t want to lose

Joyful Joyful I adore thee
What’s it that beguiles me?
Lyrics for a hymn before ye
And skills of all ye poetry.

— The End —