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Darlingerode Dec 2014
I fell in love with a Casanova,
He kept on breaking my heart,
But he's the only one who could mend it
When I was starting to lose my mind.
Darlingerode Aug 2014
In the dark where we try to hide
   all of the pain of the past.
Under the moonlight where we pretend
   to fall in love skin deep.
And all I’m seeing is his silhouette
   as his lips touched mine.
I want to know how it does
   feel to be wrapped around my arms
   and hear my breathing and whispers.
Suzy Hazelwood Nov 2014
I don’t need a Romeo or Casanova.  If I need anyone, then I need someone who I can talk to.  Someone to share real life.   Someone who’s present, here, and not over there.  Someone who can be honest with me, and I with them.  Someone who’s got words worth listening to.  Someone, who’s interested in what I have to say.

Is it too much to ask for friendship first?  Does that sound unrealistic or old fashioned?  And why does the expectation of new relationships have to start out like a **** movie?  Why can’t men be friends with women instead of wanting pieces of their body first?  I’m a person, with feelings, hopes and plans, not an item of lust.

Why do women fall in the trap of wanting to find a man who'll provide everything, make them happier than they've ever been before?   A man like that can't be found.  A man is human, not a mystic angel.  He doesn’t exist to make a woman find happiness.

On the day she finds he contains no magic to elevate her emotions into happy ever after, and he discovers she not got much to lust for, the only thing left will be - friendship.  So what is left if friendship can't be found?  

If love can grow from a friend, and lust grow from love - then I might be interested.  Friendship is what matters, anything less, can go to hell...
Darlingerode Nov 2014
I picked you up
        when she locked you out.

For once I thought
         we were so high in love,
         I was your princess
         and you were my prince.
But all of a sudden,
        it came to my senses
        that you were still not over
        with a love within you
        that was long ago existed.

I was left with no choice
        but to endure the pain
        because a love like that
        is something I couldn't
        compete with.

And now, you locked me out
        I'm nowhere to be picked in.
My Casanova prince is gone. He left me behind, shivering in the storm. I'm yearning for his warm touch but people like me are gone forever when someone says goodbye.

— The End —