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Connor 5d
You are the picture that paints 998 words because ‘I’m sorry’ just isn’t in your vocabulary
I dont even know dude
Connor Apr 2
I spill rainbows from my pockets
To distract you from the storms and shadows leaking from my lips
Connor Mar 25
I am a stranger to my own existence
Yet I fall victim to the delusion
That I have control over it

I am numb to the gravity of my life
Yet I insist that it is mine to take

I am detached from my own body
Yet I reprimand it
Ashamed of its shape and pallor

I am nothing to myself
And yet something to the weeds
That will one day feed from the dirt covering my grave
Connor Mar 11
Cause baby you’re as beautiful  
As a flower at a funeral
Not wilted or dead, at all
We humans envy your perseverance
But your lack of appearance
At the wake sure takes some gall
And I wonder baby blue
Why do they call you violet?
Evergreen is green forever
Till the winds get violent
When life gets tough
You jump ship
Decorate the grave
As if the person in it gives a ****
Connor Mar 5
Burying my heart
In your hands
Like it’s a treasure map
Showing my love for you
Hiding my kiss
In your mouth
Like it’ll be the last
Thing I ever do
Lowering myself into the ground
I won’t even make a sound
Burying myself
So you don’t have to
Connor Feb 21
Funny how the little things sting the most
When everyone you love has turned to ghosts
And this aching faking feeling starts to take your bones
And in trying to be happy you might have overdosed
Connor Feb 19
I would hate nothing more
Than for someone to say
‘I would die for you’
As if it’s romantic
As if it’s supposed to impress me
I could never exist in a world where you aren’t by my side
So don’t be a fool and take that away from me
Idk will delete soon probably
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