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max Aug 2021
I love
The way the rain
Can be so soft
Gently tapping at my window
An invitation
It extends in the form of soft drops
Dripping down my face
And my hands
As I dance with you
And yet
The torrential downpour
So devastating
It drowns
It molds
It rises and ebbs and flows and
Fills your lungs
Like sweet honey
In the stomach of the bear
So completely
I cannot breathe
It causes the wind to howl and scream
And shake the birds from their trees
And the lightning to flash
And scream inside
Every nerve of my fingertips
And every curve of my bones
It arches my spine
And it feels divine
As the rain cries for me
From the sky
I wonder
Why the invitation was so welcoming
Yet maybe it was heavenly
Because heaven is where I’m headed
max Aug 2021
All of my friends
Left me again how
Odd of them to say they’d
Never leave and yet
End things so abruptly.
max Jul 2021
It’s sound sick
And twisted
And melancholy

But god
I hope you miss me so much when I die

I hope you collapse in agony as my casket is lowered into the ground
I hope you plant new flowers once a week on my headstone
And wear black in mourning
I hope you never take another lover
I hope even the thought of someone touching you the way I do now makes you weep

I hope that
If nothing at all
I meant enough to you that
You break down your walls
And stop guarding your emotions
And let yourself feel the pain of my death

I pray that
Maybe if I can succeed
I’m letting you down slowly
As o fade away into nothingness
Then maybe I had a purpose

Morbid, I know
max Jul 2021
The boundaries we have built
The skin and flesh and blood
That you hide behind
I am unable to mend your broken bones
And set my hand upon the soft, beating thrum of your heart
I am confined to my wrinkles and my scars
I am entrapped by my scars and bruises
I am unable to touch you the way we only may be able to in death
Or bones caress each other
Our teeth gnashing violently as we fight for dominance
I will never find it possible to break beyond your walls
I am unable to full understand the complexities of your mind
max Jun 2021
if being sad is a bad thing
why does she look so beautiful when she cries
max May 2021
When I found that I had been destroyed by you
My heart swelled with the warmth and comfort of finally having a purpose
I am empty
You have consumed me
I have never felt more complete
max May 2021
When did you figure out exactly
How to
Integrate yourself into my
Soul? You consume every
Percentage of my being, you are now
Everything I ever needed to
Rid myself of in order to maintain
w h i s p e r s
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