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Hillary B Sep 2018
i, the honey bee
travel broadly for sweet nectar
through meadows of honeysuckle
near springs framed with lilies
over hilltops swaying with poppies
i travel near
some days far
searching for my next sip
one that makes it worth the trip

my favorite place to go
is to the hive at night
nestled in the comb
knowing that my honey will provide you with delight
Hillary B May 2018
past lives reemerge
they pound piercingly on your door
call your number
shout your name
demanding a reaction
needing to be heard

a runner will hit the ground without hesitation
never feeling safe
a runner knows one thing
that one thing is
to vacate

however, I have heavy heels
that dig me in deep
when the runner keeps on running
I tend to sink
Hillary B May 2018
if the ocean were to take you
i'd jump in after you
i’m a pretty decent swimmer
yet not one that can save
the waves are stronger than my will

but i’d tread ice cold water
to hold you close once more

the tides can pull us under
the current can drag us out
the seaweed can wrap us closer
i'd have neither fear nor doubt

i'm sure we'd find Atlantis
or possibly grow some gills
i'm sure love under water
is an even bigger thrill
Hillary B May 2018
love is shown is many ways
not just with kisses and hugs

open invites into their home
regardless if it’s day or night

supporting their dreams
even when you don’t understand them

assuming their intentions are good
not having to examine the outcome

getting excited for them
even when you don’t directly benefit

caring for them deeply
even when you feel hurt

believing what they say
with zero doubt in your mind

baking them their favorite treat
even though you hate it

setting healthy boundaries
encouraging them to as well

sitting down and listening
really listening without judgement

admitting when you’re wrong
taking responsibility over your actions and behaviors

love is many things
even letting them go
when you know you’re holding them back
Hillary B May 2018
the word mother
fills me with uncertainty and obligation

i’m weighed with the pressure to
love the woman who birthed me to life  
despite her many conditions for loving me 

she requires silly things
wants me to
prove my love

asks that i call her

i don’t
because of that
she thinks i hate her

i don’t
most days
i wish i could
Hillary B Apr 2018
the strength of my love

has me weak beyond belief

i need to run back

to you

but my knees seem to quake
Hillary B Apr 2018
the sun knows not to fully leave the clouds
only to peek through
sending a few rays earth side
a guiding light for few

the sun knows that all light and no rain
kills crops
burns skin
in turn harming the ones
the sun loves the most

the sun knows that a few bright days are alright
freckles are nice
but all sun
all the time
is too much light
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