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NeroameeAlucard Jan 2019
I'm a cherub but i'm far
From innocent
But even my somewhat prepared self
Was far from ready for this.

We met and she made her intentions clear.
Over some drinks at a bar
"I just got out of a relationship and I need
Someone to take my mind off it, think you're up for the job?"

I was shocked at her brutal honesty
So I nodded in agreement
Hoping that maybe, just maybe
I don't wander too far off the deep end
With her this evening...
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2019
Kiss of life?
More like lips I've never touched because I had about as much Appeal as a rotten banana during my formative years
No tears now cause that was ages ago and as time goes on unstoppable like an Amtrak train
I'll maintain something close to esteem of myself while not holding too much for anyone else
What else can I write complexly laid rhymes about besides lack of esteem and crippling self doubt like Nathan Peterman after 2 pick 6's during another buffalo Bill's rout.
Kiss of life?

What's a kiss even like?
NeroameeAlucard Jan 2019
Ever see a face and see nothing but reassurance?
I know it's an odd sentiment but i'm going to need you to let me explain
This thought that's on my brain
It's insane I know, but when I see your face
Im reassured somehow, that things will be alright
When I see your eyes somehow I find peace only rivaled by chamomile tea
When I see your smile I feel butterflies and feel hope in my chest and nothing but thoughts reminiscent of beautiful music take residence behind my eyes...

I know it's a strange sentiment but I hope you understand the compliment
Ira Sep 2018
Down, down won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your demonic damnation!

Hear the demons cry!
And you will be mine,

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)

Hey, Hey hear the revelation,
Hear the demons cry from there damnation!
We all one day die,
But you didn’t wanna abide!

So welcome to your eternal damnation,
A true hell of your own making,
A true fantasy,
A place for heresy.
So just say ya love!

(He-he-he-Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)
(Hellsing Yeah, Yeah)

Oh, down, down won’t ya hear the vibrations?
Welcome to your own damnation…
Say hello to me,
The one named for Hermes.
Hey, Hey Hear the revelations,
Welcome to a hell of your own making.
Just say hello to me,
Some hellspawn with no pity!

So just say ya love!
Based off the Hellsing Theme song, Tiss quite quality
Ira Aug 2018
Surprise *****, what it be,
It’s ******* me!

That guy Alucard,
From Hellsing!

I see you’re some ******* vampire,
Hoping to finally get some demonic prower!

Also you killed a lot of people,
But ****’em,
You’re ******* lust for power is very offensive to me and my singular steeple.

You’re not a vampire,
Just some **** I call “Unpeople.”

Can’t regenerate your body,
Can’t sire demon Shouty's,
Bet you can’t even out run a ******* ******* Autti.

You’re just discount me!

So say hello to a gun of mine,
It’s quite a fantasy for people who want to remove others spine!

I call it the Casull 009,
And it has a friend called the Jackal,
Using both end up in a good ol’ time!

So ******* AND DIE!!
Ahhh... Alucard is always fun to write about. Love that crazy sociopathic *******
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2018
They say that team work
Makes the dream work
Well... if that's true then boy do I have a
Surprise for you
My head and mouth couldn't get on the same page even if they were two periods in a book.
And it's far from a good luck. Matter of fact it could crack a mirror purely out of frustration in my case
I feel like my will for making this work has been debased
I can't even find the strength to debate this with what's left of my self, oh well...

-Neroamee Alucard
Ira Aug 2018
A nosferatu in a humans shell,
With the ability to bring up a true hell.

The harbinger of death and undying,
He is the rebellion of god's un-unifying.

He was the impaler,
Vlad the 3rd king of Wallachia,
Considered to be the first vampire,
The demon known as Dracula.

He massacred thousands,
From the common criminals,
To those who despise him.

He was the first vampire,
The first son of undying,
He was hailed as the devil,
A reincarnation of riving.

Even though he is the nosferatu,
He knows he can be beaten.
Yet only one man has manage to defeat him.

Back then, the demon king knew he had lost,
But instead of his true death, he was spared for a cost.
Now many know him as something other,
Different then what he originally was.

He’s no longer Vlad Tepes,
No longer Dracula,
He is no longer the impaler,
The one known as deaths mailer.

He is now known as Alucard.
And The Bird Of The Hermes is his name.
Yeah. Hellsing is cool so *******. I do what I want.
Ira Aug 2018
The bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame.

Through hellfire and fury, your armies are dead,
Becoming slaves of my hellish dread.

Yet the blood flows deep into the ground,
And I, the vampire lord, will absorb it with glee and proud!

The bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame.

The jackal and casual, instruments of my cleansing light
All burn with their masters own hellish spite.

And the monsters of kin, vampire and demon,
All meet the same end of hellfire as I once did, all to be seen as heathens by god and real men.

For the bird of the Hermes is my name,
And I eat my own wing to keep myself tame!
HELLSING *****!! Best anime, Alucard is the best character from the Seinen scene. And just in general. So here's a poem that  is taken from his perspective
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2018
There's that stinking
Sinking feeling
In the pit
Of my brain

"You're a burden.
Dead weight
Carry your load
You're better off
Being nothing
But vapor in the air"

I've run from this feeling
By writing
Escaping into the page
Expressing sadness, lust and outrage
Into these words Instead of a shameful display
But how can you run from something
That follows you night and day?
Try as you might to escape...
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2018
Looking into a blank page is one of the most harrowing experiences you can undertake
The whole thing changes with every line you write, every brushstroke you make
Every risk you take on the page may not always be indelible
They can be erased from the paper but not the mind, aside from intervention that happens to be divine
But the mind twins spins twists and does the splits for the creative... maybe it needs to rest once in awhile as it spills like lactating... even though mine is far from the best.
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