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colzzmacdonald Jul 2020
When the walls are closing in
I don’t know where to begin
That old M.A.S.H theme song
Ringing in my head
A presentience of ~
You’re better off dead
Those who are supposed to love me
Abandon me in my time of need
Persecute me, when I’m vulnerable
Their evil shines ~ such wicked deed
As more of me gets lost
Here, I count the cost
There are no avenues of hope
To cling to
No vision. No scope.
No nightingale to sing to
They leave me with nothing
They revel in my despair
Is there anyone genuine out there?
Once again, I’m picking myself off the floor
I simply cannot do it anymore
My eyes dimmed and dry
This world is not for me
Where do I chose to die?
I’m waiting by the sea....
Tonight is the night
colzzmacdonald Feb 2020
Cross that rainbow bridge; hear their immortal call
Gone too soon from this world
Still in prime time to take your place
Where seraphs welcome you with open arms
We feel such loss – where they feel gain.

To the azure sky ordain
Through celestial dreams
Calling us in evensong
With visions of your glowing smile
Flowing through our minds
Nirvana enshrines you
In the rapture of their grace
To be with you, until we meet once more
On a higher plane

Opulent, timeless seasons
Indulge you where you are now
Soar high sweet angel
Your beautiful soul not forgotten
Your memory emblazoned in our lives
Not while you suffered, can we hide
But hold you close – while we wait
colzzmacdonald Jan 2019
I heard the news today that you passed
Our Heavenly Father has you cast
In a play of angelic proportions
Made you pure from life’s distortions
As we grieve in our different ways
Our memory of you forever stays

I remember our day we had in a northern town
With sincere gladness, as you take up your crown
Retrospective moments I treasure all my life
As you lay at peace from your recent strife
I will think of you often with warmth and charm
So you rest well, my friend away from all harm

Your poetic words often struck a chord
And in life, you were rewarded for your word
Our chats over music, poetry, culture and esprit
Showed your enthusiasm for people like me
I only wish there is an opportunity for goodbye
I shall send my spiritual presence to the sky

In this lifetime there is but one of us to know
In your time on earth you had so much to show
There’s a heartache, as time closes in
A time of healing for us to begin
So fly on with wings that soar far and wide
In how you touched this life, fly on with pride
For a fellow poet David Swinden, also known as DarkDave in some poetry circles... sweet dreams as you rest, my friend
colzzmacdonald Dec 2018
For Christmas this year, I’d
like all those who are missing
back home safe
I’d like the lost and lonely
to find themselves again without trying,
safe in the knowledge they are loved and needed.
Those fake power hungry people who
destroy other’s lives – just because they can
the corrupt politicians who take from
the mouths of all those ordinary
families who are struggling to live
to be held accountable and a change comes
I wish each family all have ample
to thrive contently, this Christmas.

You, the weak and the listless
to find inner strength, so that you
may rise like the phoenix
in the blaze of glory, you burn
brightly shining orange and gold.
This year, end all world wars
send all the boys and girls home at last.
For me and all those people like me
will you bring a little happiness
so we may all find our place in this world?
can the orbit of life
echo this in all of us
this year, and every year, for Christmas...
colzzmacdonald Jun 2018
Mystery surrounds the echoes of my mind
Words of forgotten prose I simply cannot find
A memory misplaced in this ever growing scenario
Of hopelessness
Sorrow and impulsively acting like a half demented child
Not able to advocate the needs and wants it expects from me
This is you in retrospect
An unfulfilled moment that spread into a lifetime
A woman so rigid she has no soul but for herself in that second
A listless pitiful attempt at loving someone like me
Whoever I might be
The one always excreted on from an enormous height
Spurned out like wasteful matter at the speed of light
From a heart so disassociated from what we once called a miracle
Yet in amongst the ruins, I’m the one who’s cynical?
colzzmacdonald Jun 2018
When I think of the sorrow you caused
You accepting what is in your life
It’s seems easier than the truth
Even if there’s nothing else there for you
You have no care in what you do
Your treatment of me is incomprehensible
Your deceit is all you need
It gives you a sense of duty
It gives you purpose, it gives you drive
To keep your bitter heart alive
Still amongst the ashes
Of what was once a burning love
Is the desire to ignite a flame
Even when it’s difficult to say goodbye
The fire should be allowed to die
I think that God may let you hurt me
More and more if I allow
I think that he’s teaching me a lesson
That I will be unhappy, as you rejoice
Until the day comes I have no choice
But to let you go
As only I will know
When it’s time to say –
…. this is the end
For now –
I choose to live in pretend
colzzmacdonald Apr 2018
Goodnight my love
I speak to you each night
Whispering to the echoes
Of the moon, reverberating
Mindlessly around the stars
Desperate to find your heart
Though my devotion never rests there
Cast aside like a discarded tin can
Once used to consume nourishment
As my heart was to provide you sustenance
No longer required for your life journey
Yet still I dwell on past glories
Fill my head with long dead stories
To remind me of the only one
Whoever seemed to mean something to me
Even though I mean nothing to you at all
The end comes bitterly
Though welcomed at the time
To stop the miserable existence
Of feeling so worthless
As I know I've always been to you
Love is only true
Because it travels one lane down a two way street
Only idyllic memories
Cover the dire consequences
Of a partnership reaped in deceit
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