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Jedda Nov 2018
You painted thick acrylics across the thoughts you lured into my mind. You mumbled “ let them dry “. You smeared bliss like it was a hue, left bruises in black, white and you
- j
Vania Irene Nov 2018
i have seen too many women in my life
broken, bruised,
and wounded
by men who could not calm
their dck.
anitajehu Oct 2018
Do you miss me like I do?
Do you cry at the thought of those days?
Do you regret having met me?
Does it hurt when one mentions my name?
I'm told you're not worth tears,
But how  do I stop them
It's so strange how someone mends a shattered  heart,
Breaks it again, like its nothing,
Someone  you knew so much,
Becomes a stranger to you,
The most painful part is...
How do I tell my friends that you left,
Without reason,
How do I stop missing my past,
When trust was not an issue,
Cause I'm scared of crashing again,
I'm scared of meeting  new people,
I'm scared of moving on,
The past feels better than my future,
But I can't blame anyone
When I gave the chance,
sage short Oct 2018
This stream of my consciousness
Is brought to you by
The polluted wounds of
Unreconciled love for myself

I never rip Band-Aids off
Because I never put them on
I was too busy healing the scrapes
And bumps and bruises
On another person’s arm

When I stopped writing poetry
I found all my cuts
Buried deep under my skin
Into a layer of unforgiveness

Sometimes my heart can beat so fast
I begin to feel alive again
But I’m scared of what else I could feel
I had to accept the thought of feeling it all again

Rose water and palo santo can only go so far
When the deepest scars
Aren’t even visible

I’ve never been hurt more by
Anyone besides myself
I’ve never been loved more by
Anyone besides myself

And my hashtag self love routine
Isn’t always bubble baths and body positivity
It’s the analyzation of my human existence
Including my flaws and my worst characteristic
And sometimes I have to break my own heart
In order to become more than a wound
Brandon Conway Oct 2018
My countenance
made love with the harsh earth
she left me
and bloodied
with a couple days
plucked out of my memory
thank whoever is above
for the few buddies
that pulled me to the
corner with a flashlight
bag of cold ice
shoulder rubs
and words of advice
I got back in the ring
ready for to resume the fight
I learned that night that
you can't beat Gaia
but that you could endure
a few rounds.

Just kidding,
I was knocked out
during the first round.
Amanda Sep 2018
You were worth the suffering
You aren't anymore
Now these ****** up feelings
Have my heart bruised and sore
The truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to figure out whos worth the pain.
Kassandra Aug 2018
My tiredness consumes me.
Im tired of life, of waking up and only finding disappointment.
Im not tired cause ima another lazy teen,
Im not tired because i was on my phone,
Im tired because my body is weak and broken from all the beatings its taken to this point.
My tiredness consumes me.
To my family who thinks im just tired cause im another lazy teen rebelling.
Syrah Kai Aug 2018
only when i bared it all
could you truly see me
in all my stark and *****
bruised beauty
Isaac Aug 2018
Life is so brutal
It mangles the heart
Beaten and bruised
From the very start
In a world fallen
From its original glory
We need to bring Jesus
Back to the story
His voice will heal
And mend your soul
If you give him the time
He can make you whole
Each day is a chance
To let him touch you
If you open your heart
His words will renew
Written 12 August 2018
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