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Angel Jan 31
Let’s call this one

The bruised soul

You may know what caresses your heart
But baby,
you know nothing

Nothing but your own self is to blame for what is
and what will be

Because the universe
Only gives one chance
For it is its authentic self &
What it gives

My love you’re the burning
And ever existing stars
Of what is and what will be

Take pride in that
And that only

Quick thoughts of the alcohol induced mind
ghazal  Dec 2018
bruised tears
ghazal Dec 2018
you're gonna leave when the rain stops.
when my lonely world is joined by you the pain stops.
and i hope you don’t feel pressured but please stay.
because once the clouds pass and the trees cease to sway,
the memories come-
the memories remain.
it’s not your responsibility i know that,
but when it comes to implementing change my minds blank.
my heart ends up getting thrown around-
a free for all.
and i cant seem to focus without you-
my adderall.
and each day that passes,
my tolerance grows faster,
the world gets louder,
my brain feels crowded,
and my heart beats faster.
so calm me down with a kiss or two.
nothing about me wants to feel this kind of blue.
maybe my neck, get that a darker shade of hue.
so hold me close, i’ll hold you too.
and in this cold weather,
i somehow feel less tethered
to the world outside theres somehow less pressure.
but the raindrops stop tapping on my window
and you’re gone before i get a chance to whisper

“don’t go”.
insta: @faithpoetrybook
Van Byrde  Dec 2018
Van Byrde Dec 2018
If all the best characters are a little broken...
does that make
the favourite?
I seem to prefer the cold
As if to sooth my bruised heart
So it freezes and no longer bleeds
Frozen around and between the parts
Because a cold heart is still whole
Even if it can no longer feel
When the warmth has been lost
Losing its attraction to appeal
Only a fool would fall in love
Having the intention to steal
This fool's gold of a heart away
One that has been shut and sealed
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