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Memories of my funny friend linger like a faded folded photograph
browned, bent, and battered by time and time zones abounding
but even that origami polaroid doesn't exist
cause my friend says it's probably haram to take pics

I re-live it
as if you moved away just yesterday
but I gotta admit
your heart moved away yesteryear
or 2 or 3.
deserted me here
with not even a single stinkin' crumpled picture of our rumpled relationship
capsized and cannibalized by re-repeatedly over-granting over here,
and you over there re-repeatedly over-taking
taking me for granted

How much of me have you forgotten...?
ever since you moved across the nation,
with no notion nor appreciation
for the fact that unlike the Nile
communication ought to flow both ways

But I still miss our tangential exchanges
I'm nostalgic for former years, dancing wild
your ad hoc turbans and button nose
So I open up the app
and I ransack
google photos:
seasons and ages of pictures, snaps,
But there are no pictures of you in here
Just like in my life, I can't find you nowhere.
We were best friends for 24 years.
People don't talk about the heartbreak of the friendships that grow toxic over time.
Nylee Jul 2020
Many people come and go
the door remains open
they come to leave one day
Although, I know
I keep getting attached

Their smile and anger
unreasonable behaviour
and their fiery vigour
an impression that will last long
but life has many to store.

Forgetting them, passing years
empty desks of all the dear
no two second stare
their closed door

Empty streets following
the tagging game not ending
I see them on my computer screen
as I unfriend them this last time

No peeking anymore
all of them, closed score
ending that chapter
but is it over?
Capriccio Dec 2019
Kicked out
Undid it again

You used to be my
My friend
But now look at what you did

You threw out all the
Said, "Find a new place."

So Yes, you want space
I will find my place

But you,
My now unfriend
Your shrill ways to get your fill
Will never mend
Never heal
Make you better

Your shrill will be
Our end

I ain't mad

Your new shoes mood
Left me
Dishonored & bruised

To OUT on the street
Car comfy I'll sleep

While you act like
I've peaked

Enjoy your IN-crowd vibe
Look alive
I choose to
Love derived

Because my unfriend
This will I got does not bend.
Sam H Sep 2019
you once resembled a warm summer day
a vibrant ray emitting all colors from the spectrum
but summers end and are replaced by storms
once the rose figures it's a rose
it learns to grow thorns

so elegant in image and in words
treading the waters gently and light
but your ripples unfurl quite massive
pushing away your former life
how can something be
so beautiful yet so destructive

why idolize a cliched society
that merely pressured you to blossom
when you've had the best around you
simple yet so wholesome
those who helped you bloom
you took for granted too

when you are ready to float along
please let us go
without resentment nor condition
and when you find yourself once again
you can still come home
but for now, this is the end
the death of a good friend
Febronia Ventura Jul 2016
She decided to cut all those things that made her sad.
That boy with the beautiful face who made her happy.
She said goodbye to him.

That friend with the amazing smile who made her happy.
She said goodbye to her.

That person who she taught can love her as she is.
She deleted his number.

That woman who was always asking for her.
She unfriend her on Facebook.

She started to hate the ties.
Forced not be be herself.

She found the courage to cut the leash
Now she's lonely, but breaths better again.
chuckae Nov 2015
(the title is intentional)*

You lost the right of calling me a *****
the day you forgot to be my friend.
Because some people say friendship lasts forever, I tried it out.
Turns out it's a myth after all.

F.E. (Fiona Embers)
Gabriel K Sep 2015
Is it weird
threatening perhaps
someone you know
some guy
only ever dropped you off/picked you up from your home
you stopped talking to him about a year ago
is it weird he still got your address sent you something
flowers or a luxury good you don't want
is that stalking?
obviously it is a bit
little bit stalky
maybe not illegal but probably a bit weird;
I thought it was romantic
anonymous card in the post
full loving intent
muttered declarations
but tasteful though
a William Morris print
signed with a heart,
only I dunno if she took it that way
she's Unfriend me FB,
won't answer my email
her phone goes Voicemessage:
a year's wait
in vain.
Okta Yuu Feb 2015
You’ll never realize that you need me unless you really do.

You’ll never know how I value you and all of what we do, until you ask me.

You’ll never find someone who’ll treat you like I do.

You’ll never treat that someone like you do to me.

But I’ll be waiting for your come back and I will be prepared.

Just try not to suffer so much while avoiding me. Okay?
Anjana Rao Oct 2014
This is more than “block” or “hide posts.” No, this is permanent, this is calling it Quits, this is “we cannot be civil towards each other after all, we cannot bear to even potentially see each other on our newsfeeds.” Unfriend. We are not Friends. We are Over. Unfriend means “out of sight, out of mind.” Is it a feeling of relief at the finality of something that wasn’t working, or a sinking feeling that yet another relationship has gone down the tubes? Probably a sick combination of both – unfriend means you’ve both finally called a ***** a *****. Given Up. “…I am done trying to be friends with you,” written in the Final message. Is anything really Final? It’s hard to know. Human relationships are messy. We try to cut people off when they hurt us. Unfollow on tumblr, block phone numbers, delete them on skype, unfollow on twitter, but sometimes we run back to each other when we cool off, despite ourselves, we think, no, it can’t be The End, it can’t be Unfriend, we had things in common, we had something, surely it can’t be Over. Can't we try again? But “Every new beginning come from some other beginnings end” as a song goes, and some endings are necessary. What we don’t want to admit to ourselves is that not everyone is a Good or healthy person, no matter how many chances you give them. And maybe some relationships are doomed from the start, maybe it really was your fault and you are just “incredibly selfish,” maybe it was their fault, it was probably everyone’s fault somehow or another in the end. There is a drop down option on facebook called Unfriend and when it’s finally utilized, no one really feels good about it. All it means is that it’s time to move on, once again. Find someone new. There are other fish in the sea.
Written as a part of a writing prompt in the style of "There is a button on the remote control called FAV…" by Claudia Rankine
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