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F a r a h Dec 2014
When you pass by
the blazing sun hides behind a cloud
stunned by your beauty
birds sing gracefully
flowers smile brightening their colours
trees wave to the rhythm of your steps
hearts stop for a while with every gaze
These tiny things made me realise
how lucky I am to have you in my life
be mine forever.
ray Oct 2014
I am told to believe in myself
look past the flaws
because all those things
define the uniqueness
within my body,
my soul
but what I see
when I take that
prolonged, aching glance
into a mirror
as cloudless as a
summer evening
is everything
I am told doesn’t matter
how do I ignore veins
crawling up my legs like
the spiders they're named after
fat under my skin
that seems to expand so widely
it is impossible for my
eyes not to trip upon it
wide hips
unfocused gaze
gaping pores
unshaped lips
rippling marks
etched on my skin
as a form of punishment
for being myself
sloping thighs
feet like
the twin towers
is that what I am?
but in the end just
we’re all just human
but then
do I feel
Em Cooney Sep 2014
I know that I
With you could fly
That I could soar
In cloudless skies

You are my sun
you are my sky
You make me laugh
You make me cry

You are my warmth
You are my life
You are my pain
you are my strife

You are my wish
You are my prize
I love your scent
I love your eyes

You are my pearls
You are my gold
You are my cache
Treasure untold

You are my catch
You are my goal
You are my heart
You are my soul

And I with you
Still will fly
I will soar
In  a cloudless sky

— The End —