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Virginia Kasmi Jan 2019
I sit at the kitchen table
as i sip my morning coffee.
The silence screams so loud,
it makes my ears blead.
The unresolved feelings i carry in my bones
play string quartet.
I wrap my arms around me
trying to hold together all my looming shadows.
I want to prevent chaos
yet, it is the only peace of beauty left in me.
I fill my lungs with pleasure
and shout into the hazy den of oblivion.
Virginia Kasmi Oct 2018
The way your cherry red lips curve,
And form that smile like pearl white Caribbean shores.
How your touch feels like sunbathing in the French Riviera.
Your eyes like gardens in early spring,
Inviting me to get lost in eternal labyrinths.
Your soft skin like vanilla ice-cream,
Warm like scented candles.
You, me...Us.
It feels like flirting with disaster,
It feels like going down a metal slide
On a hot summer day,
But baby,
you know I like to get burned.
Virginia Kasmi Sep 2018
We sit across each-other in our favorite bar,
discussing if the glass is half empty or half full.
But darling, we seem to not be able to realize,
that the empty ones are we,
trying to fill the void with whiskey and coke.
We pour sparkling wine into our hearts,
just so we can pretend we are not broken.
We sip until our head starts spinning,
giving us courage to finally go home.
The cab driver turns up the music,
so he won’t hear us kissing on the backseat.
But our thoughts are even louder.
We press our naked bodies against cold mirrors,
because it is the only way we can give each-other goosebumps.
Exhaling sharply we melt down on the hard ground.
We hug so tight, our bodies form the most komplex knot while we cry our pain out.
Virginia Kasmi Aug 2018
You are the burn of a paper cut,
on my highly sensitive skin.
A sharp pain, a quickly drawn ****** line.

You are the cold of a brain freeze,
on a hot summer day.
A few seconds of a heart on fire and a mind on ice.

You are the slams of my heart against my ribs.
Irregular, too fast, breathtaking.

And yet you are the ecstasy of my thoughts.
A trigger of uncontrolled feelings,
a spread of joy.
And I want more, and more, and more.
Virginia Kasmi Jul 2018
Draw me in lines and shades,
Blue pen on blank pages.
Paint me on your skin,
All colorful swirls and edgy shapes.
Feel me with every puncture,
In and out on your chest.
Moan with me when you can’t tell,
If it’s pleasure or painful as hell.
Cage me in the lust of the flesh,
Tattoo me with the ink of your heart.
Virginia Kasmi Jun 2018
Brown and blue never really matched,
Until yet, when our eyes first met.
I rise my glass and whisper,
To our first times, please take me back.
To the night our bodies were
pushed together,
And my lipstick was all over your neck.
Let’s race back,
To nights full of desire,
Screaming „I love you“
As we set sheets on fire.
Take my hand
And let’s give up on freedom
Instead we can destroy each - other
Again and again and agian.
Virginia Kasmi Jun 2018
I walk down the empty streets
Right before the sun rises,
Dark shades disappear,
Baby blue hope
Cracks the never ending horizon.
I breath spring flowers
and shy gold-backed sunbeams.
I dance with the wind
and I race with the clouds.
I am not afraid of my shadow,
I am not a stranger in my own mind.
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