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c Apr 2019
They say to put yourself
In someone else’s shoes
But your boots
Couldn’t tell me
Why you left
Poetress2 Mar 2019
Snow looks like diamonds,
crunching beneath my warm boots.
The sound is so sweet.
Ellison Mar 2019
She was a head-turner, that one.

She wore tight-fitting clothes that
Complimented her like a love letter
And her walk could make
Any sensible dude talk

I'll never forget when we first talked
And how although I only liked her physically
She presented herself as innocently decent
Even after showing me a picture in her underwear.
And I felt badly
Because even as I write this poem
She might someday find this and know it was for her
But if she does
Her knee-high black boots can walk proudly across these words.
Emily Feb 2019
Why do hackers think so highly of boot camp?
Who pays through the nose to send footwear abroad?
Why use boots and not sneakers nor sandals?

Stick with the proven approach,
Used over thousands of years,
Billions of satisfied users,
Faster and cheaper to boot.

Throat lozenges—guaranteed to improve hacking.
Julianna Dec 2018
The laces of his work boots had slowly
Come undone,

After a long and exhausting life-
They finally released.

Lanky strings hung over the sides of
Pale leather with
Purplish scars,
From cement.

There was blood on the sidewalk.

He took off his boots that night
And placed them in the back of his closet

Next to the skeleton of an older pair.
Jenny Gordon Sep 2018
Italeau...Fiamma--my brother wishes likewise that they'd fit.

(sonnet #MMMMMMMCDX)

Boots.  Suede, Italian, and too small fr'intents,
My toes half bruised from jist one two-hour's scale
As twere of wearing, and lo, for the sale
Which netted me this lux'ry I've naught hence
Save yearning for that glor'ous pair which thence
Must be returned, prayrs for a pair t'avail
Me like these should have, with none in a frail
Excuse 'cept made-in-China boots' defense.
I only text YOU 'bout the size as t'were,
Nor know what YOUR opinion is, if YOU
Care two bits whether I've this pair in tour
Or that, just that Italian boots anew
"Run small."  And um, "I wear size ten." But's poor,
Cuz I must foot the bill, with pennies too.

Ask me 6 months from now IF I ever got a pair in MY size....prolly will need by that time to pay full price, and $550 or $600 looks---a tad steep, shall we say?  Oh well.  IF I am allowed to have them, I hear they're "...worth every penny!"
Madelynn Nieves Sep 2018
Tramping around the world
like you own it
Lace top
Short skirt
Knee high boots
Red lipstick
And a goddess complex
With a ******* attitude
Exuding immeasurable energy
Enough to entrap me
In spite of all the red flags
I follow you
Like a stray
Lost until I found you
Like the newest religion
Your body a scripture
Whose words I want to memorize
Jacquie H Sep 2018
The only time I’ve ever
felt brave in my
black combat boots,
and it was in those
black laced combat boots
When I was truly
It was a Thursday,
or at least I think it was
when I came up to him
hand twisting together
in my scuffed black boots
and started my first
conversation with him.
He smiled at me that day.
I wonder if he remembers. I do.
As our friendship grew
I found myself not wearing
those black combat boots
quite as often.
He made me feel safe,
like I didn’t have to be brave
or have to have courage.
As If I could tell him
anything and everything
and he wouldn’t judge me
But then one day I knew
I’d need my black boots again.
It would be the day that
I would finally tell him.
The day I would tell him
“I love you.”
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