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Khoi-San Dec 2019
One very bright day,
the sun will melt
these frozen fragments, away,
where you will become one with her, loving her more,
a little while longer my friend
all the way.
How your words inspire so many to hold on to what we've got to love and respect our partners all the way.
Bless you Johnny always.
Johnny walker Jun 2019
Hand In hand they went
to the park the first time Helen and Johnny walked
out there In the park they sat and talked for
There was snow on the ground and bitterly cold
but they didn't care for Helen and Johnny had fallen In
As they walked back home  arm In arm stopping momentarily for a kiss along the way a kiss that felt so
Arriving back home Helen
stood by her gate Johnny thought Oh Helen you are looking so beautiful to
As Johnny looked Into Helens beautiful eyes that
told more than words ever could
Johnny spoke the words will you marry me It's my Intention If you will have
Helen through her arms around Johnny yes I will
so that how Helen and Johnny came to
Johnny walker Apr 2019
I spoke to Helen this morning whilst looking
at Wedding picture on the wall
told Helen how much love her, but she said Johnny you've gotta get a
but just never forget  that  I was once your
And Untrue I'll always remember how could I ever forget
this lady called Helen
who had given me so much herself
though out her short
But she said Johnny gotta get a  life but never forget that I once was your wife and remember the life together we once
I spoke to this morning whilst looking at our wedding photo on the wall, Helen  and I told her how much I love her
Johnny walker Mar 2019
Sometime I Imagine you calling me from a far off
and distant memoty somewhere deep In my thoughts of you and all my memories of
I hear you calling my name "Johnny" please hear my voice you say for I am calling you from afar or perhaps just
my Imagination running away with
Voice In my head running wild with a desperate need to hear her voice hearing her calling  my name "Johnny can you hear me calling or maybe  It's just
Maybe Imagination running away with me or did I hear you calling my name "Johnny hear me
Johnny walker Feb 2019
Since Helen's been gone
night time turns to day
day time turns to night
for nothing stays the
same find so much In
life to
For anger held Inside feelings, I no longer can
I try to hide Emotions
that cut deep to my very
soul there nothing to tell you how
deal with
So night time turns to day where last nights dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared together before she
was taken
Again day time turns to another night without her sleeping by my side no more to wake upon the morning light and see her pretty
Where I once so happy but then the world turned full circle and made a loser out of me where once I was a
Day time turn to night then night time turns to day and all I've done Is nothing but sleep the time away
as last night dreams fade away to become distant memories of a life once shared by two
A life once shared by two lovers as night time turns
to day and all done Is sleep
the time away
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
Those greasers
made bad things
look cool.
Those socs
were so mean and cruel.
The rumbles, the fuzz, and the anger
teaches us
to stick together.
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Tomorrow 23rd Dec, a year  to the day my wife Helen passed away, she loved anything to do with Christmas
So tomorrow I'm talking to Helen grave a beautiful miniature Christmas tree
decorated just like a real  tree, as all the decorations created lovingly by
For a lady, I truly love and will so for the rest of my days, so sleep my
In Heavenly peace, and I know that I'll rest their with you when It my turn
Miniture christmas tree especially for my wife who loved anything to do with Christmas Helen Mary Walker
1955 July 22nd - 2017 Dec 23rd
RIP your loving husband Johnny, Always Together Forever And Always
Johnny walker Dec 2018
To kiss your tender lips
that tasted like peaches
so soft and very sweet
your kiss to take my
breath away so
passionate were those kisses just wanted to kiss forever
To just hold you In my
arms and to treasure
every moment as If  my
Then to lay down by your side to catch the aroma of your beautiful perfume to touch the softness of your silky smooth
Magic moments were experienced, that never shall fade with time, traces of our friendship shared, our names Helen and Johnny forever and for always carved upon the
Our ames  upon a tree Helen  and Johnny forever and always carved upon the tree
Johnny walker Nov 2018
In the beginning, there was
me, then I became you and
I, then you and I became
and Johnny then Helen and
Johnny became Man and wife
then man and wife became
parents to our son and now
there's only my son our kitten
and I
Me became I became you and I you and I became man and wife
Sharon Talbot Nov 2018
He drives into the desert in a Toronado,
Dust in his eyes from the open window,
Sun on the burned skin and black mascara
That augments his vivid gaze.
Black orbs that stare at the burning sand,
His mouth is defiant and morose,
He turns off the path into the sage and saguaro.
The car is like a black beetle on a carpet of tan.
He lifts a shovel from the trunk, looking crazed.
Digs a shallow grave in the sand,
He rips a talisman from his neck
And declares he is looking for something
Unclear and he slurs a chant.
“Something is coming”, he seems to say.
He buries the necklace and drives away.
Will he come back for it or leave it
for the spirits of the desert?
No, he will come for it every day
Bury it again and again
Until the spell wears down,
The perfumed season is done,
Or perhaps the spring floods
Wash it all away.
Based on a silly advert for perfume, with Johnny as a superstitious rebel! I had to make a "story" of it, just for laughs.
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