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zaineb nabi Dec 2014
There she stood in the corner gazing at me

In her black mini-dress, how attractive can a woman be?

Her soft pale skin calling for company

Calling for warmth, calling for me

I closed up to her shaking of stress

Infront of such a beauty, that must be hard to impress

I first looked at her, waiting for approval

She answered with a sweet grin...

As a beginning, i started feeling her chin

And i kept feeling her soft skin

Once i started touching her with my cold quivering hand

I felt a flame lighting my body, like a sun warming the sand

Her hotness was being transferred to me through hands, touches and sight

Our bodies slowly united and then started the sweetest fight

Her red pretty lips haven't said a word

But i saw thirst in her eyes, like an unfed bird

There was no need for using voices

We understood each other very well

It felt like a day-dream, except that there was no alarm bell

I started feeling her undressed legs that had a room for me in between

Her body trembled out of a suddent, waiting for me to lean

And as i did i saw the magic, felt it and got drifted with it

I started licking, eating my treat and then i stopped for a bit

I wanted to make her feel wanted and feel the great desire

I wanted to add the flame to her and set her body on fire

I ate the teeth, the lips and the tongue

As i wished that we'd last a little too long

She took me to another world through her sweet naughty touching

She took me to a world full of desire

I have never felt so satisfied, i have never flew higher

My thinking was all about her, the perfection laying in my bed

As she stole all my thinking, she started inthralling my head

Our moves matched like a sweet duet

With sounds of moaning that got stuck in my head and aren't easy to forget

She moaned slowly but heavily

My sights got so hazy

And she fascinated my brain and got me going crazy

The way she oscillated on my bed

Moved my body as well as my head

All i could feel was the vibrations beside the passion and the lust

She gave me all i've wanted and more, she gave me her love and trust

Young lady you are the remedy of every existing illness

With your sweetest touches and the beauty of your stillness

Time ran fast and was hard to feel

Her mind and thinking, i was trying to steal

She've shown me passion in a perfect way

In the way i guide and she perfectly sway

My night couldn't end in a better way

My mind drew fantasy for me to obey.
brokenperfection Oct 2014
Let's weave our lips shut with weeds and explore the hushed secrets of the world with nothing but cold fingertips.

— The End —