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my world is large
Monsters thrive on all grounds
across the whole globe

erasing the trace of my past
erasing the path to my future
Monsters thrive

i may be small
but i require vastness to thrive
i don't get the chance to thrive

these Monsters are Humans
They destroy my home
and destroy my hopes of living

i'm just a tiny insignificant butterfly
i have no ability to fight
but the battle has already been lost

i'll die along with the rest of nature
as hope which developed in a cocoon
flies away like a butterfly - myself
noren Sep 2018
We have become cities
Our dreams high-rises
which feel the morning haze.

Our hearts swanky malls
which are always abuzz, but lonely.

Our ambitions crawling cars
which pollute innocence.

Our thoughts metro trains
which run only between fixed destinations.

Our bodies are urban landscapes
which are eroding
our souls.
Alec Jul 2017
Red hot glory
Is what I see in the morning
Inner halo of angelic light
Or perhaps a phoenix in flight
Feathers ablaze
Leaving a trail of grass covered in a fiery glaze.
Dimly lit fingers beckoning out
Reaching toward those filled with self-doubt.
A shooting star
A landed wish to end the universal war?
Surrounded by its family
An asteroid belt that impacted softly in the soil upon landing?
A family of blazing light
And morning's glory
That's meant for soaring
The very inspiration for what the Sun's got
Looks so out of place in this parking lot.
Erica Tang May 2017
I forgot the name
of my old town
and the familiar
spoken by the
whose skin
was leathered
by the Sun.
Stories written
on their faces
got lost somewhere
on the alleys,
where peddlers
used to
trick kids
into buying
colorful cotton candy.
Grandma’s cat
had gobbled its
last can of sardine
long ago, yet
its languid yarn
still faintly lingers
in my memory.
I see old phantoms
wander between
gleaming skyscrapers
and highways,
where their
homes were
Hey readers,
This poem is inspired by urbanization and the gradual loss of indigenous culture.

— The End —