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LucidLucy Oct 2016
I missed the old hippie that always gives high fives to everybody.
The kid that always hangs out for free coffee.
The geek that reads books in bookshops until closing.
The dreamer that never stopped dreaming.
The artist that never stopped at life no matter what **** comes in.
Today I missed the old self that I was once in.
Gradually been overtaking bigger challenges in life. Going through one of the longest commitment as being human. I used to be young and fun. Can't fully believe that I' fall for life's tiny hacks into turning me as a boring version of my cool self.
Lady Bird Oct 2016
been there done that
sitting under a desk
closed in with no leg space
rusted chair wheels
that won't even roll
one wrong push I'll flip out
phone ringing call after call
I'm answering question
so simple to answer
almost time to punch out
clock it ticks yet haven't
moved an inch
intense waiting
thinking positive
I know it must be done
the daily results that's
what pays my bills
Money  Money Money
If I had more
I could dream big.
Or if  I had to much would it
Destroy me .
Money you cant go or do anything withput it.
But to much and it consumes us.
Makes us always want more .
Tick tock, the work clock never stops.
mind nothing that matters and fall into the hole
that ends when we retire.

Toiling all day makes me realize
I'm barely even an adult.

I don't know and can't show and as
the tick tock knocks hours off my clock,
all I want to do... is go home.

Drink myself into a stupor and
dream about being a kid again.
Skin heating up
Body burning
The pain is hard to endure
But you need the money
So you work
And keep your mouth shut

Your lips turned blue
The freezer too cold
Your shivers are violent
But you have to get it done
You have other stuff to do

People are upset
You frantically try to help
Help them, then back to work
But they make it difficult
So you call your manager
To ensure their needs are met

Your boss is angry
And takes it out on you
Why? You ask, but you don't know
You only do your job
So you can pay your bills
Because your living a life that just isn't free

Work all day
And work all night
Your tired
And you ache
But you have bills
So you'll do the work for the pay
Paul Butters Jan 2016
Despite assurances that his treatment would be gentle,
Thoughts of the grinding drill made him feel rather mental.
But soon his spirit returned to high
As the pretty assistant brushed against his thigh.
All was well until he got the bill
Which gave him such a horrible chill.

But soon he was back to his usual mood of cheer,
As he looked forward to
His next taste of *****’s Pub food
And beer.

NS 22\1\2016
Norman presented me with another piece of notepaper....!!!
I worry to much
I  over think
About  the slightest thing
I  worry about  today
Next week
I am a born worrier.
I wish I could explain it
Or better still
Take full control of it.
You see I can't
I am trapped
I long to be free
From this worry
I conceal
Jake muler Aug 2015
School expects me to shell out what?

Fifty grand in what?

Three years tops!

Guess I won't pay
Guess I'll see the financial cops.
RD Specter Jul 2015
Rushing to find green.
Crawling to escape red.
Facing my fears and ignoring yellow.
Head held high towards the blue.
Sneaking around packages of brown.
Avoiding the violet violence.
Until an unfortunate glare into my whites.
Flash sparks of orange.
Then let me fall and fade to black.
No silver lining.
Only golden gates.
Welcome me home into the clear.
For all those fighting and grinding.
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