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Sarah Crisp Apr 10
Things will always be the way they are now
So I refuse to believe that
I can change the world
All by myself
I want to make a difference
But then I realise
"It's too hard"
"I won't even try"
Some people say
If we're together, we're stronger
I know in my heart that
This is wrong
And you must agree that
"Failure is worse than death"
I've heard it said again and again
Never trying at all
Is better than
Trying and failing to save the world

Now read from the bottom to the top.
Jaxey Oct 2019
Your harmful words
Pass through me as I bath in
My own compliments
reverse poem; it's all based on perspective
Quinn Jan 30
I hate the person in the mirror
so you'll never hear me say that
I'm good enough
I know in my heart that
the number on the scale defines my worth
and that
being thin will make me happy
I refuse to believe that
There is hope
I'm ashamed of my body
No longer can I say that
I am worth fighting for

Happiness (Bottom to Top)
Carmen Jane Nov 2019
You've found my gate
You've chased the light
You've arrived in my sight
I will call it fate

What made you come, in a  hurry
I don't quite know
I think you have to go!
I dismiss this story

You don't see your mistake
Our hands might never touch
You look down, at your watch
You leave, with a bit of heartache
An attempted reverse poem
Mark Toney Oct 2019
My disquieting thoughts strike at night in the wee hours
As if born along by the autumn winds and bracing cold
Persistent as a fever and fierce as thunderstorms
What can be forgiven and what cannot?
I fall asleep to another night of uncertainly

I awaken to a new day of endurance
My spirit ablaze with hope can cope
With feet steady and face to the wind
Transforming the toughest trial into triumph
Because beyond the pain the prize is seen
9/3/2018 - Poetry form: Reverse Poem - A reverse poem is a poem that can be read forwards (top to bottom) and have one meaning but can also be read backwards (bottom to top) and (potentially) have a different or opposite meaning. It does not have to rhyme and doesn't have to have an opposite meaning when read from bottom to top. It DOES need to make sense when reading it backwards, however. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Jaxey Sep 2019

but no longer
I am
and yet I'm not
the sad in me is now
my hope is slowly
diminishing into nothing
my new beginning
was suppose to be taking over
my sadness
no longer
I am
but no longer

I found a home inside myself
Rose Mar 2019
I hate my body
I could never say
I'm happy with what I see,

I need to lose weight to be pretty
I don't believe
Being who I truly am
I'm actually happy

why should i?
Take an inch here and there
Snip away till I'm perfect
Am i beautiful now?
Now read bottom to top
Katlego Maake Jr Nov 2018
Love is wicked
It is not possible that
there is hope
after the break-up
I believe that
we are just naive and intolerant.
This is my first attempt to write reverse Poetry.

Read from the top to the bottom and from the bottom to the top.
Vener Oct 2018
"i want to die."
i'm the only one who survived
even if I didn't deserve it
i've lost those that matter the most
they're all gone
my family,
my love,
my friends,
none of them are coming back
it's all my fault
i know
my therapist keeps telling me
"i'm okay."
maybe I'll start to believe
if I hear it enough times
a failure of a reverse poem
petra Aug 2018
i'm happy now
i'd be lying to myself if i said
i'm not over you

i can breathe freely now
never believe that
the memories of our love still live in my head

i'm better off without you
you will never hear me say
i wish you were still here

i hate you
it would be stupid to assume
i still love you
now read it backwards! x
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