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Charlie Harman Aug 2023
'I Love You'
So I've said
those Three Little Words
you don't want to hear or say
I've known
from the start
that you've always been
this way
sometimes I think about
-by myself-
How our existence is even possible?
I wonder
if you've thought that, too
all you can whimper
'I don't love you'.
Unrequited Love Baby (Read it "top to bottom/bottom to top" like a conversation between two lovers)
Mark Toney May 2021
Drawn to the edge of the water
in concert with the moon
tides ebbing, flowing,
tasting, smelling,
feeling, hearing,
waves of the sea
crashing, salty, wet,
transporting me—
Inner peace

Inner peace
transporting me—
crashing, salty, wet,
waves of the sea
feeling, hearing,
tasting, smelling,
tides ebbing, flowing
in concert with the moon
Drawn to the edge of the water

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Reverse Poem - Mark Toney © 2021
Vaampyrae Mar 2021
And I don't believe
That I can be better
But I know that it's true
People won't love me for who I am
People won't stay
People will only hurt me
I tell myself lies
Someone will bear with all my pain
There is hope at the end of the day
I am enough
But the truth is
I am all alone
I will never be okay
As long as I live
Now read it from bottom to top!
yama verita Oct 2020
as a child
i never knew
the real world
all i know is
just barbie and fun
that it wasn't
all cruel and stoic
wherever i look it's
love in the air
and the illusion of
a fake family
was far-fetched
the perfect life
that i'm living happily
i took for granted
my poor first attempt of reverse poem
iamgone Sep 2020
I can see you
inside the closet
as I watch you from
under the covers
your eyes peak out
through the darkness
and I can tell you know I'm
I know you're
I can see you

(now read up)
i'm watching you
Sarah Crisp Apr 2020
Things will always be the way they are now
So I refuse to believe that
I can change the world
All by myself
I want to make a difference
But then I realise
"It's too hard"
"I won't even try"
Some people say
If we're together, we're stronger
I know in my heart that
This is wrong
And you must agree that
"Failure is worse than death"
I've heard it said again and again
Never trying at all
Is better than
Trying and failing to save the world

Now read from the bottom to the top.
Jaxey Oct 2019
Your harmful words
Pass through me as I bath in
My own compliments
reverse poem; it's all based on perspective
Apollo Jan 2020
I hate the person in the mirror
so you'll never hear me say that
I'm good enough
I know in my heart that
the number on the scale defines my worth
and that
being thin will make me happy
I refuse to believe that
There is hope
I'm ashamed of my body
No longer can I say that
I am worth fighting for

Happiness (Bottom to Top)
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