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Zack Ripley Oct 2021
Every day, I wake up
and im reminded of the mistakes I've made.
Every day, I wake up
lying in the mess I've made.
Every day, I wake up, and I pray for some relief. But at the end of the day,
the only thing I'm gifted with is more grief.
I want to get better,
but I need to get out of my head.
Even if it's just one night,
can I sleep in your bed?
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Can I hold your hand once more
Before you walk
through the next door
And leave me behind forevermore?
HeyitsAngel Oct 2020
I know you are not in my life anymore
Can I have one last hug
Can I have one last kiss
Can I have one last I love you
Can I hold your hand just one more time
Maybe if I have just one last hug
It won't be our last
Can we listen to our favorite song
Just one more time
Can I just run back into your arms one last time?
Can I hear you play my favorite song?
Just one last time
Can you call me yours just one last time
Can you call me
One last time
Can I see you
One last time
Maybe it won't be our last
Andrew Harris Nov 2019
Thoughts run
Aimless, goaless, chaos incarnate
Thoughts run
My mind into the wall
Thoughts run
And run
And run

Like a pipe burst
Like a faucet
They just run
Aimless, goaless. Chaos incarnate

Can I map them?
Define them?
Bring them to resolution?
Present myself the solution?

Can I?
A late night the other night
Kabelo Maverick Jan 2019
How can I shine?
My city built on a shrine,
tenacity built-in rhyme
My seedlings building time

How can I cry?
When my propensity is a crime
with this integrity in mind...
So much intensity
in my prime

Wow, can I try?

— The End —