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LGY Apr 19
Do do so so la la so.
This melody couldn't be ever more boring.
and people expect the birthday dude or dudette to feel happy?
Rite of Spring should be universalized as the new birthday song.
LGY Apr 19
Hello poetry?
What poetry?
All I see is a bland formulation of "creativity"
Expressing the self?
What self?
Who determines the construction of the "self"?
The becoming?
LGY Apr 16
Boomzzz tikki tikki tikki
Wah Wah oomphz oomphz
me 69 ******* on yo momma and yo sis
Dr Weedlord ain't got time your hissy fits
dunk dur *** all over yo ****
Slap *** and go on reighding
Daddy Boozhead  banging on your meemaw
asdf hu asdofh u asdjfnhau sdfh unh

p.s no women are harmed in the making of this production
LGY Jan 12
Why is poetry being considered feminine
Expression can be Wagnerian,
godly and bold.
Point them to the steeds of the Valkeries
I say
LGY Dec 2019
There are 2 lions,
striding on the surface on the earth
with golden silky mane.
1 in America; the other in Britain.
What a time to be in.
LGY Dec 2019
He has a beard.
He has a beer belly.
He loves to "help" humanity.
** ** **!!!
Merry Christmas.
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