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LGY Apr 16
Boomzzz tikki tikki tikki
Wah Wah oomphz oomphz
me 69 ******* on yo momma and yo sis
Dr Weedlord ain't got time your hissy fits
dunk dur *** all over yo ****
Slap *** and go on reighding
Daddy Boozhead  banging on your meemaw
asdf hu asdofh u asdjfnhau sdfh unh

p.s no women are harmed in the making of this production
MaryJane Doe Apr 2014
The edge of the bed
My Gawd!
What happened
To my head?

The aroma
That lingers
Tells me
I was drinking
I was doing so well
What the hell was I thinking?

Of images
Burned in my mind
What ever I drank
It was none too kind

My hand is swollen
Knuckles ******
I check my pockets
Spent all the money

So mad
I could put my fist threw the wall
But I see that I have
By the mess in the hall

So I grab my puddy
& pour me a drink
A sad De Ja Vu
Missed the waggon I think

— The End —